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What are Vestibular Therapy Equipment?

Vestibular rehabilitation or vestibular therapy is an exercise-based program that strives to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness. This therapy must be undertaken by a trained therapist and are good for patients diagnosed with dizziness, Meniere’s syndrome, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, imbalance, neck-related dizziness, migraines, or for stroke survivors or people who have had brain injury and who tend to fall frequently. A large number of people visit the physician for dizziness. It is a common complaint for older adults above 75 years of age. But it can occur in any age from children through older adults. Dizziness is not a chronic disease but is often a sign of another problem such as an inner ear disorder, side effects of medications, neck dysfunction or sometimes a serious underlying illness related to the brain or heart.

Symptoms of dizziness

  • Unsteadiness feelings
  • Wooziness (swimming feeling in head) 
  • Lightheadedness 
  • Feelings of passing out 
  • Sensations of moving even when steady 
  • Spinning 
  • Floating
  • Swaying 
  • Tilting 
  • Whirling or vertigo 

The above listed feelings occur while standing, sitting, or changing positions. These symptoms can be constant or may come and go lasting several seconds, minutes or hours.

Vestibular Therapy can solve common problems like:

Vestibular therapy includes the use of swings and swing frames for solving many balance issues and other health related problems. Buy vestibular swings like the Challenge Platform Wheelchair Rocker. along with swing frames such as FlagHouse Ceiling Joist System and many more for effective vestibular therapy. Also try the FlagHouse Bouncing Chair with a 400lb. weight capacity to accommodate individuals of all sizes and age.

Where to buy Vestibular Rehabilitation Equipment online?

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