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Scrub tops or scrub shirts are protective apparel used to protect the upper body during medical procedures. One can wear medical scrub tops as general wear too in medical facilities for identification or comfort. They are made of high quality fabric and are secured using buttons. One can also modify it later on using VELCRO or strings to keep the garment hassle free.

Choosing the Right Scrub Top

One has to look for a number of factors before choosing a scrub top which includes shape, length, and comfort.
  • Scrub tops are majorly available in three types i.e. unisex, male, and female. Scrub tops for women have a gentle inward curve to accommodate the body contours whereas the ones for men or the unisex type are generally a straight fit.
  • The length of the scrub top is also important as it determines the ease of wearing as well as working while wearing it. Scrub tops should be chosen in a way that it covers the body properly while you work as a short scrub top might reveal a bit too much during bending.
  • Comfort features with scrub tops generally include vents or side slits that provide air circulation at all times. Also, choosing the right kind of fabric also reduces the irritation or skin itching associated with wearing a garment for longer times. Avoid wearing highly synthetic scrub tops as they might cause rashes.

Where to Buy Scrub Tops Online?

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