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What is an IV stand?

Intravenous (IV) stands, commonly known as IV poles, are medical devices designed to hold bags or bottles containing IV fluids or medicines crucial for the patient. These stands are a familiar item to see in any hospital or medical facility. They are important elements of patient care, providing essential and often life-saving fluids to the patient. These stands consist of a stand-alone metal structure, including a rod, a base with several legs (usually 4 or 5) with or without casters, and one or more hooks at the upper end.

Normally IV stands are telescoping structures with a base rod and an internal rod that allows height adjustment. The typical standard height of the IV stand is 45 inches. These are manufactured in different styles, sizes, features and are constructed of varied materials. They are usually made of stainless steel and chrome. A variety of accessories may be attached to the IV stands necessary for the nurses to use every day. IV stands may be attached to the tabletop, patient bed, or wheelchair. Typically, IV poles have a rolling base; they can be easily moved from one room to another within the medical facility.

Health Products For You brings you durable, stable, and mobile IV stands that help provides the best care to patients. We have high-quality IV stands for Bed, brought to you by leading names like Medline Industries, and McKesson, to name a few, which offer exceptional stability for heavy-duty use. In addition to high-quality IV stands, we have a wide variety of IV stand accessories such as pole adapters, tops, storage baskets, and replacement castors and lockers.

Benefits of IV stands for Bed

1. IV infusion

The most basic function of the IV stand is to administer intravenous medications and fluids. They aid the treatment, including everything from advanced chemotherapy medicines and life-saving antibiotics to simple saline solutions. Depending on the patient's health condition, the fluids can vary. The height of the stand is easily adjustable to ensure the most appropriate rate of flow for IV infusion. In addition to IV bags, these stands are used to hold infusion pumps. Strong and heavy-duty IV stands are suitable for holding infusion pumps. The lightweight IV pole cannot withstand the weight of the infusion pump and tips over, causing damage to both the infusion pump and the IV stand.

2. Portability

The next biggest advantage of the IV stand is its portability. The rolling base of the IV stand allows the patient to carry on activities outside of the hospital bed without the interruption of the crucial treatments. The patient can move about the medical facility for physical therapy or medical testing with IV infusion on. This kind of mobility improves the overall experience of the patient during treatment. Typically, the IV stands have five or six legs with swivel castors, making the pushing or pulling throughout the facility smooth, safe, and easy.

3. IV Stand Accessories

Different accessories like storage baskets and trays may be attached to the IV stand, which allows the nurses to carry out their tasks more effectively. They can organize the patient files, medical records, or any other items in the basket for easy access while moving the patients to various parts of the hospital for tests, physical therapy, or any other purpose. Some stands may have laptop stands which are useful for the medical professionals to input and access medical records as they interact with patients. Some versions offer features to include power outlet strips and oxygen tank holders. There are endless possibilities to equip the IV stand to provide optimal care to the patient.

Where to buy IV Rod for Hospital online?

We at HPFY have a huge collection of superior quality IV stands and accessories that better serve health care professionals and patients in hospitals and medical facilities. These products are from top manufacturers like Graham-Field Health Products, Dynarex Corporation, and many more.

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