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Hand Exercise Tool is the equipment to strengthen the joints and muscles for better support. It increases blood flow to the hands, warming the muscles and ligaments. Many different hand exercisers are used to develop hand strength. During physical therapy, the therapists offer a series of exercises to improve grip strength, wrist flexion and extension, and range of motion. At Health Products For You, we have an array of the best hand exercise equipment to re-establish lost hand strength and restore as much function as possible to carry out daily activities and improve independence with a quality of life.

Benefits of Hand Exercisers

When to use the Hand Exercise Tool?

Hand exerciser helps to regain mobility and agility of the hands in the following conditions:

Hand Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Oxygen Cannulas

Hand therapy tools help tendons to extend to their maximum potential. It reduces the swelling around the median nerve. Hand strengthening tools include hand grips that consist of a lever that is squeezed to increase hand strength. The grips also help in improving dexterity. Some physical therapy equipment has hand exercise balls, bands, palm cones, pinches, wrists, foam blocks, and thumb exercises. People with carpal tunnel syndrome can use Aeromat Texture Ring Hand Exerciser and TheraBand Hand Exercisers to maintain proper blood circulation in the wrist and reduce symptoms like numbness and tingling in the hand.


Types of Hand Exercisers

How Does a Squeeze Hand Exercise Ball Help?

The Squeeze Ball Hand and Wrist Exerciser is designed to help strengthen the wrist and hand and improve finger dexterity. It also helps in relieving joint pain, stress, and anxiety. A healthcare professional should approve the intensity of exercise, level of resistance, and the number of repetitions. These balls are made from a highly flexible and elastic material to withstand continuous usage. One of our best products, The Power Hand Grip, helps improve handgrip strength.

Pinch the ball with the fingers and thumb extended to do this exercise. This hand exercise will help to strengthen the muscles. To intensify this hand therapy ball exercise, squeeze the ball for a longer time. The ball allows full motion with constant resistance during grip and flexion hand exercises. The ball causes muscle tension, resulting in muscle relaxation after release. The ball is ideal for a variety of pinching and gripping activities. The CanDo Memory Foam Squeeze Hand Ball Exerciser and the CanDo Gel Standard Squeeze Hand Exercise Ball are good examples. Similarly, the CanDo Digi-Extend N Squeeze Hand Exercisers are also a type of squeeze handball exerciser.

Exercises with Hand Therapy Ball

Hand Exercisers Uses

What should you look for in Hand Exercise Equipment for Arthritis?

Our Top 5 Hand Exercise Tools

Apart from a squeeze ball, different kinds of hand grippers strengthen the muscles as a part of rehabilitation. Following are some of the hand exercisers available with us:

  1. Slo-Foam Hand Exerciser- It is ideal for finger flexing exercises in contrast to baths. Moreover, it is useful for low-resistance squeezing exercises. It is made of open-cell Slo-Foam with slow recovery and 100% memory.
  2. CanDo Low Powder Hand Therapy Large Web- This web hand exerciser strengthens and conditions the fingers, wrist, and forearm muscles and joints. These exercise webs are available in standard 14-inch diameter size with low powder formulation.
  3. Xtensor Finger Extension Exerciser- It reduces fingers' stiffness and improves hand circulation. The Continuous tension is applied to opening the hands using an optimal line of motion replicating the exact opposite movement to closing the hands.
  4. Rolyan Ergonomic Hand Exerciser- The lightweight plastic frame, with or without a padded handle, fits comfortably in the palm. It is an ideal rehabilitation tool for patients recovering from moderate to severe injury or surgery. It is offered in a single size designed to fit many hand sizes.
  5. CanDo Twist-N-Bend Flexible Exercise Bar- It helps in promoting coordination and increases range of motion. It is largely used for soft tissue and joint mobilization. The Consistent bar diameter and length throughout resistances means the user uses the same muscles with each resistance.

Things to keep in mind while performing Hand Exercises

Where to buy Hand Exercise Equipment Online?

Health Products For You offers a huge range of high-quality and reliable products designed to increase the range of motion safely and easily. These exercises are used for overall hand, finger, and forearm strengthening. These hand exercisers are from top manufacturers such as Patterson Medical/Performance Health, North Coast Medical, Skil Care Corp, Power Web, and many more.

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