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Tendonitis, frozen limbs, bursitis and dislocation of joints are common injuries that affect the arms, limbs and joints. Factors such as age, physical disabilities, injuries, accidents, etc., can also affect the normal functioning of the hand and the arm. Executing basic functions like eating or drinking can become a tedious and painful task for the patient. Bendable utensils or angled cutlery make eating a comfortable task by reducing the effort required in to bend the wrist, elbow, or shoulder. Some feature a movable shaft design which can be hand bent to the left, right or at any angle as per the user comfort level. Some are molded in a fix angled position and are comparatively more cost effective then their modified types. Bendable utensils include bendable knives, bendable spoons, bendable forks, etc. At HPFY we have a wide range of bendable forks, spoons, knives, etc., from top selling brands such as Medline, Essential, Patterson and many more at attractive prices.

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Features of Bendable Utensils

  • Some have movable shafts that can be adjusted according to the patient
  • Some have a fixed angled bend
  • They have an ergonomic build
  • Comfortable grip
  • Comes in wooden, plastic, and stainless steel options