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Certain conditions such as Tendonitis, frozen limbs, bursitis and dislocation of joints are common injuries that affect the arms, limbs and joints. The Factors for the development of these conditions may be anything ranging from the age, physical disabilities, injuries, to accidents, etc. It can also affect the normal functioning of the hand and the arm. Additionally, after a point executing basic functions like eating or drinking can also become a tedious and painful task for the patient. Bendable utensils or angled cutlery make eating a comfortable task by reducing the effort required in to bend the wrist, elbow, or shoulder. Some feature a movable shaft design which can be hand bent to the left, right or at any angle as per the user comfort level. Some are molded in a fix angled position and are comparatively more cost effective then their modified types. Bendable utensils include bendable knives, bendable spoons, bendable forks, etc. At Health Products For You we have a wide range of bendable forks, spoons, knives, etc., from top selling brands such as Medline, Patterson and many more at attractive prices.

Features of Bendable Utensils

Top Three Best-Selling Angled Utensils for independent eating

Eating can be easy and independent for users with weak hand and wrist strength with our selection of bendable and angled utensils. These cutleries make it easier to deliver the food to the mouth without any spillage. Following utensils are ideal for those who have a variety of fine motor skill challenges and struggle with hand-to-mouth feeding:

  1. Sure-Grip Bendable Utensils: If grasping or using standard cutlery is difficult for your loved ones, Sure-Grip Bendable Utensils can help. They have an innovative handle design with built-up rubber that is naturally slip-resistant and extra-thick, providing stability to hands with the weakest grips. These utensils feature the unique ability to bend just above the handle. They can be bent to the left or right, which is comfortable for the user to hold and use.
  2. Comfy Grip Weighted Utensils: People with arthritis, hand tremors, and poor dexterity often struggle using lightweight utensils. Comfy Grip Weighted Utensils are the perfect fix for them. The handles of these utensils are built up with textured rubber, which allows a comfortable grip and helps gain more control over the utensils. The cutleries are bendable and can be adjusted to your preferred angle. The thicker handles are also ideal for users with a hand-cast who might find trouble holding smaller utensils.
  3. Plastic Handle Swivel Utensils: People with disabilities like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, poor fine motor skills, and limited muscle control often find difficulty feeding themselves. Plastic Handle Swivel Utensils encourage independent feeding for them. These adaptive dining aids have a unique swivel design that helps food stay on the utensil. The utensils can be tilted and turned in any direction without food being spilled. They feature plastic handles, which provide easy grasp and help improve holding patterns. These cutleries are excellent to be used at home, making mealtime more independent for the user and less messy.

Where to buy Adaptive Eating Utensils?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of assistive eating devices for elderly. Our products are manufactured by top brands such as Essential MedicalGood Grips and many others.

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