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Best Weighted Utensils For Tremor

Hand tremors, though not fatal, make it difficult for a person to carry out the daily activities at home. It can also be a warning sign for some kind of a neurological and degenerative condition. Eating also becomes a tedious task for people with hand tremors as holding a fork or spoon turns out to be difficult. Weighted utensils provide stability to those with hand tremors or reduced coordination. People such as the elderly or those with physical disabilities, who find it difficult to hold standard cutlery and avoid spillage can also use these aids. The additional weight of the utensils allows comfortable positioning and provides a firm grip. It allows the center of gravity to be flexible thus reducing the chances of the utensil falling from the hand. Weighted Utensils include:

  • Weighted rocker knife
  • Weighted spoon
  • Weighted teaspoon
  • Weighted tablespoon
  • Weighted souper spoon

Features of Weighted Utensils

  • Increased weight of the handles
  • Allows for flexible center of gravity
  • Useful for people with hand tremors
  • Useful for people suffering from degenerative disorders

Where can I buy Best Weighted Utensils?

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