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Special Tomato Eio Push Chair - Sideview Special Tomato Eio Push Chair Special Tomato Eio Stroller Canopy

Special Tomato Eio Push Chair

Brand: BERGERON SKU: 63000000
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Eio Push Chair, 24"W x 46"D x 45"H

SKU 63000000
$1,063.69 Each
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Special Tomato Eio Push Chair is a special needs stroller, designed for infants and pre-adolescents. It is ideal for those who require early intervention in their seating needs. European inspired styling is enhanced with a lightweight aluminum frame, which easily moves on streets, over grass and in the mall.

Eio Push Chair Highlights:

  • Provides mild to moderate positioning needs
  • 90 lbs weight capacity
  • Lightweight - only 22 lbs!
  • Folds compactly


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Special Tomato Eio Push Chair Features

Key Points:

  • Lightweight special needs stroller
  • Padded head pillow
  • Angle adjustable push handle
  • Angle adjustable footwell
  • Easy-to-push extra large, airless wheels
  • One-touch rear brake
  • Large pocket for water bottle
  • Shopping basket
  • Canopy with window

Benefits of Eio Push Chair?

  • Special Tomato Buggy easily accommodates children who weigh 90 pounds or less or their height is under 48"
  • Seat back can be reclined from upright position and adjusted from 25 degrees to 75 degrees
  • Safety features include 5-Point Comfort Wrap adjustable harness with chest strap and shoulder pads and one-touch rear brake
  • Padded trunk and hip lateral supports are adjustable and removed when not needed
  • 9" swivel front wheels with lock-out feature and 11" rear wheels with suspension provide comfortable transportation across all terrains
  • Footwell angle adjustment from +15 degrees to -55 degrees
  • Push handle angle adjustment from +60 degrees to -65 degrees
  • Canopy with window protects the child from the environment and can be retracted and removed when not in use
  • Special Tomato Stroller folds compactly for transport without any need to remove the rear wheels
  • Latch keeps the stroller folded while transporting or storing it
  • Covered in easy-care, contemporary-colored fabric
  • Soft-Touch Liners (not included) provide further support for smaller children and improve overall positioning
  • Transparent Eio Rain Cover (not included) can be added to shield the child from rain, wind and snow

How To Use Special Tomato Pushchair?

1. Frame:

  • Open frame in the upright position.
  • An audible click will be heard when primary and secondary locks are engaged.

2. Rear Axel:

  • Push rear frame legs into rear axel.
  • When lock is engaged, an audible click will be heard.

3. Rear Wheels:

  • Push rear wheel onto left rear axel.
  • Repeat for right.
  • When lock is engaged, an audible click will be heard.

4. Front Wheels:

  • Push front left wheel up into front frame leg.
  • Repeat for right.
  • Lubricate sparingly with Teflon or silicone coating.
  • When lock is engaged, audible click will be heard.

5. Footrest:

  • Orient footrest so that it is facing up.
  • Push right and left footrest tubes into the frame at the same time.
  • When lock is engaged, an audible click will be heard.

6. Seat Fabric:

  • There are double buttons present on the handle tube (right and left sides). An audible snap will be heard when buttons are engaged.
  • Button support straps to each rear leg. When button is engaged, an audible snap will be heard.
  • Thread up under seat frame straps through the bottom, then down through the top.
  • Loose tail of under seat strap should be positioned between the taught strap and the seat bottom.
  • Do not overtighten.
  • Button footwell fabric to footwell snaps. When button is engaged, an audible snap will be heard.
  • Wrap velcro around footwell frame and fasten. Repeat for right.

7. Canopy:

  • Slide canopy clip down into frame connector. Do Not force. Be sure clip is clear of fabric obstruction.
  • Repeat for left. When lock is engaged, an audible click will be heard.
  • Fasten stabilization snaps and zipper the sides of the canopy.
  • Zipper and snap should be positioned just below the handle adjustment button.
  • Repeat for left.
  • Note: You can remove the rear half of the canopy by unzipping the center seam.
  • To remove canopy, press down clip then slide upward.

8. Padded Laterals:

  • Put both velcro straps in the slots located at the seat and back surface edges.
  • Then pull the straps through to the outside of the seating or back surface.
  • Thereafter, wrap around frame and fasten.
  • Repeat for all straps.

9. Seat Belt/Shoulder Harness:

  • To fit harness, insert both fasteners securely into clasp. Adjust strap lengths. Crotch strap and shoulder harness should be snug.
  • To release harness, squeeze fastener prongs and pull up.

10. Shoulder Harness (small child):

  • If you have a small child, an optional method to thread the shoulder harness may be required to take up more slack.
  • Through the front lower slots put the strap down and back out through the upper slots.
  • To avoid chafing, a head pillow can be placed over buckles.

11. Parking Brake:

  • Using foot, push up to disengage and press down to engage.

12. Recline Strap:

  • Up: Push up on recline buckle and pull down on strap.
  • Down: Press arrow button present on the recline buckle and pull down

13. Footwell Angle:

  • Press the button on both sides simultaneously to adjust the footwell angle.
  • An audible click will be heard when lock is engaged.

14. Front Wheel Swivel Locks:

  • To engage front wheel swivel locks, press tab up to unlock and press tab down to engage.
  • Repeat for left.
  • An audible click will be heard, when lock is engaged.
  • Note: Front wheels must be facing forward for lock to engage.

15. Folding:

  • Fully recline Special Tomato Eio Push Chair.
  • Disengage rear canopy hood from seat back.
  • Place handle in upright position.
  • Unlock front swivel wheels (both sides facing forward).
  • Place footwell in down position.
  • Standing behind the Special Tomato buggy stroller, lift up on primary locks (both sides) and secondary lock (right side).
  • Primary locks will disengage.
  • Push down on handle of Eio.
  • Engage closure clip.

Special Tomato Eio Push Chair User Manual


How To Clean Eio Stroller?

  • Frame can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. It should be then dried thoroughly.
  • If the push chair chassis parts have been exposed to salt water, they should be rinsed down with fresh (tap) water as soon as possible.
  • The seat cover, head cushion, lateral pads and harness pads may be washed.
  • Canopy may be sponged lightly using a damp cloth and a mild detergent.
  • Line dry thoroughly before reuse.
  • Do not fold or store the product while wet and never store in a damp environment. This can cause mildew to form.

Measurement Tips for Eio Push Chair

  1. Weight of child in pounds or kilograms. It is an essential measurement as the Special Tomato Eio Push Chair has a maximum weight capacity of 90 lbs. (40.8 kg).
  2. Hip Width of child is measured at the hip joint when seated. Measure a straight line straight across the lap. If you were to place two books on both the sides of the hips, measure straight between the two books. Eio Stroller has a seat width of 14".
  3. Thigh Depth of child is measured while seated. Your child should be seated with his/her buttocks against the back of the seat. Measure a straight line from the contact of buttocks and seat back to just behind the bent knee. Special Tomato Stroller has a seat depth of 12".
    Note: As the leg rest is angle adjustable, children with thigh depth measurement of less than 12" can also be accommodated in this special needs stroller.
  4. Back Height of child to Shoulders is measured when seated. Child should be as far back as possible in the seat. Measure a straight line from where the buttocks contact the seating surface up to the top of the shoulders. Backrest height of the Special Tomato Pushchair is 24" (61 cm).
  5. Back Height of child to Top of Head is also measured while seated. Child should be as far back as possible in the seat. Measure a straight line from where the buttocks contact the seating surface up to the top of the head. Backrest height of the EIO Stroller is 24" (61 cm).
  6. Foot to Knee Height of child is measured while seated. Measurement is taken from the bottom of the shoe, up along the back of the leg to the back of the knee joint, where it is bent at 90 degrees. Seat to footplate height is 13" (33 cm).

Eio Stroller Specifications



Weight Capacity

90lb (41kg)

Seat Width

14" (36cm)

Seat Depth

12" (30.5cm)

Seat Back Height

24" (61cm)

Seat Width With Pads at Most Narrow Point

9" (22.9cm)

Seat to Footwell - Stroller Only

13" (33cm)

Seat to Footwell - with Size 1 or 2 Liners

15" (38cm)

Handle Height to Floor

30" to 42" (76cm to 107cm)

Handle Height to Floor

+60 to -65 degrees

Footwell Angle to Floor

+15 to -55 degrees

Seat Recline Range (from upright)

25° to 75°

Open Dimensions

45"H x 24"W x 46"D (114cm x 61cm x 117cm)

Folded Dimensions

16"H x 18"W x 32"D (41cm x 46cm x 81cm)

Weight of Stroller

22lb (10kg)

Wheel Diameter (front and back)

9" and 11" (22.9cm x 27.9cm)



2 Year Warranty

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