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Poiesis Duette Dual-Balloon Two-Way Foley Catheter


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Poiesis Duette Dual-Balloon Two-Way Foley Catheter is a 100% silicone, self-retaining balloon catheter that provides safe and comfortable means of catheterization. Its innovative dual balloon design has an edge over traditional Foley catheters, whose uncushioned tips and drainage aspiration can cause bladder trauma.

Why choose Double Balloon Urniary Catheter?

  • Second distal balloon, positioned on the tip of the catheter adds another layer in comprehensive infection control
  • Subsumed Tip is inserted and removed just like a standard Foley catheter
  • Drainage eyes located between two balloons minimize aspiration damage

Poiesis Duette Dual-Balloon Foley Catheter

Duette Catheter Design Features:

  • Second distal balloon, implanted on the catheter tip is designed to reduce incidents of CAUTIs by cushioning the tip to prevent trauma to the defensive bladder wall lining
  • Drainage eyes located between the two balloons prevent aspiration damage to the defensive lining of bladder
  • Subsumed Tip is designed to be inserted and removed just like a standard Foley Catheter and requires little new training of medical personnel

Dual Balloon Foley Catheter Benefits:

  • Duette Dual balloon works in harmony with natural defense of the body against infection
  • Features 10cc Retention Balloon and 5cc Bladder Protection Balloon for ultimate in comfort and safety
  • Anchor balloon inflated with sterile water succeeding insertion preserves proper position of the catheter
  • Protection balloon inflated with sterile water succeeding insertion safeguards the bladder wall from the catheter tip
  • New training not required due to easy insertion and removal, similar to a standard Foley catheter
  • Latex Free

How is Duette Catheter Better than Traditional Foley Catheters?

  • Mechanical irritation of Foley catheter damages the healthy bladder wall that is made up of layers with anti-bacterial properties for resisting infection, thereby disrupting these innate defenses
  • Emptying bladder collapsing on the Foley tip results in such a trauma that breaks down the protective lining of the bladder wall
  • Duette 2 Way Foley Catheter is manufactured with new, flexible materials
  • Fashioned with 2 inflatable balloons that secure the catheter within the bladder
  • Built with two lumens, where the first allows for the balloon to be inflated with sterile water while the second allows for the drainage of urine from the bladder
  • Designed to reduce the adverse events from Foley urinary catheters, resulting in improved outcomes and better patient care with reduced health care costs

When to Use Duette Foley Catheter?

Two-Way Foley Catheter reduces detrimental events associated with catheterization, including:

  • Cystitis (inflammation of the bladder lining)
  • Chronic irritation of the bladder, which has been shown to increase the risk of bladder cancer between 8-10 percent
  • CAUTI and UTIs
  • Blockage of urine
  • Penetration and perforation of the bladder wall
  • Hematuria (blood in the urine)
  • Painful bladder spasms
  • Urine leakage around the Foley catheter
  • Increased degree of sepsis
  • Patient pain levels during catheterization

What to Buy with Poiesis Duette Catheter

How To Use Duette Foley Catheter?

  • Visually inspect Poiesis Duette Dual-Balloon Two-Way Foley Catheter for any imperfections or surface deterioration prior to use. If package is opened or if any imperfection or surface deterioration is observed, do not use.
  • Gather required materials: Two 10 ml/cc syringes filled with sterile water.
  • Wash hands before and after the procedure.

Duette Catheter Insertion

  • Insert Two Way Foley Catheter according to institution guidelines.
  • Insert one of the 10ml/cc syringes into the Size color coded Non-Black inflation/deflation port. Slowly depress syringe plunger to fill the proximal retention balloon with approximately 10ml/cc of sterile water, then remove the syringe.
  • Then insert the second 10ml/cc syringe into the Size color coded Black inflation/deflation port. Depress the syringe plunger slowly to fill the distal balloon with 5ml/cc of Sterile waterapproximately, then remove the syringe.

Duette Foley Catheter Removal

  • Deflate balloon by gently inserting into the Non-Black inflation/deflation port a luer slip syringe , allowing water to flow into the syringe barrel. Never use more force than required to make the syringe stick in the valve. If slow or no deflation occurs, gentle aspiration may be required.
  • Empty syringe and insert into Black inflation/deflation port. Repeat deflation process.
  • Remove Dual Balloon Foley Catheter according to Institution guidelines.

Emptying the Drainage Bag

  • Wash hands using soap and warm water
  • Remove the bag drainage tube from its protective pouch
  • Unclamp and drain into the toilet
  • Close the clamp and replace the tube in its pouch when the bag is empty


  • Vigorous aspiration may collapse the inflation lumen and prevent balloon deflation. If there is no deflation, the valve arm may be cut off if permitted by institution protocol. If this fails, healthcare professional should be contacted for assistance.
  • Do not use needles. Maximum catheter inflation capacity with sterile water: 10 ml/cc per balloon.
  • Do not aspirate urine through the drainage funnel wall. Inflate balloons using luer slip-adapter syringe.


  • Once used, Dual-Balloon Two-Way Foley Catheter may become a potential biohazard
  • Handle and dispose off in accordance with the applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations

Instructions For Using Duette Catheter
Patient Guide to Urinary Catheter Care

Poiesis Duette Two-Way Foley Catheter Specifications

Catheter Tip Subsumed Tip
Catheter Material Silicone



Catheter French Size


Ballon Size (CC) 10cc and 5cc


Poiesis Two-Way Foley Catheter Reviews


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