Column Scales

Column scales are accurate and reliable scales with high precision and are designed to make routine medical check-ups simpler. These scales are designed to put some stressful work load off from the shoulders of healthcare staff members. These scales combine many diagnostic functions into a single machine saving healthcare workers multiple transfers and patients the stress of multiple tests. Find here a comprehensive collection of chair scales that are rated high for their accuracy and quality along with effective pricing. Buy Today!


Features of Column Scales

  • Apart from displaying only the weight some scales even have the capability to connect to your computer or electronic medical records system through a digital interface.  

  • Some scales are designed with a height measurement rod and a BMI calculator as well. 

  • We also have battery operated scales that operate on a very little power. 

  • Other functions that are integrated in some designs include Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Body Fat Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate and Total Body Water.

Choose from column scales with a variety of features and models from popular manufacturers like Seca, Detecto, Sunbeam, Graham-Field etc. These scales are sturdy and produce accurate results. Some of our popular models include Detecto Apex Digital Scales with Mechanical Height Rods, Health O Meter ProPlus Digital Bariatric Platform Scale, Seca Mechanical Column Scale With Eye Level Beam and many more. Buy these scales at discounted prices on HPFY. Buy today and save big!