Baby Scales

Medical weighing scales are of great utility in the medical field. Weight of an individual is one of the indicator of his/her overall health. Medical scales are found in long term care facilities, rehab centers, sports and athletic centers, fitness clubs, hospitals, doctor’s clinics etc. these scales provide fast and accurate reading of the user’s weight. You can also have them at home to keep a close watch on your fitness. As a body with a healthy weight is usually free from diseases. Pediatric and Neonatal Scales are available in many styles. These scales ensure an accurate weight reading is obtained without causing much discomfort to the child. Find here a wide variety of neonatal scales at best prices.


Features of Pediatric Scales

  • These scales are specially designed to take smaller weight reading for newborns and infants. 

  • The durable, powder coated tray is used to hold active babies in place while weighing. 

  • The spring less balance beam helps in taking the accurate weight. 

  • These scales may display the reading via a beam/balance display or a digital display. 

  • Diaper scales are used to determine the fluid output from wet diapers. 

  • These scales can measure child as well as adult diapers. 

  • These scales come with a digital display.

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