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Why monitoring Baby's Weight is important?

Monitoring a baby's weight is of utmost importance as it provides crucial insights into the baby's growth and development. Regular weight checks allow to assess if the baby is gaining weight at a healthy rate, which serves as a vital indicator of overall well-being. Adequate weight gain signifies that the baby is receiving sufficient nutrition, supporting optimal growth, brain development, and overall health. Weight monitoring helps in the early detection of potential health issues or feeding difficulties, enabling timely intervention and support. It plays a significant role in evaluating the effectiveness of feeding strategies, such as breastfeeding or formula feeding, and helps track the progress of interventions and treatments. By closely monitoring weight, parents can ensure the baby's nutritional needs are met, identify any underlying concerns, and provide the necessary support for the baby's growth and overall health.

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Frequently asked questions

A baby weighing scale must be calibrated at least once a week. Calibration can be checked in the unit against known standard weights ranging from gms to kgs. For e.g. 100 gms and 1 kg or 2 kg.

It depends on the unit where the scale would be used. For e.g. If the weighing scale is to be used for the newborn unit exclusively, machines with a range of up to 5-7 kg with a resolution of ± 1 gm would be ideal.

A single weighing scale in the unit could be a possible source of infection. Commonly available disinfectants like savlon, cidex or detergent and water may be used to clean the pan. Spirit/alcohol should be avoided as it can damage the pan material or LED display. If the baby pan is detachable major stains like blood and stools can be cleaned with a detergent and water.

Monitoring an infant's weight throughout their development period is crucial in the understanding the overall health and in deciding the adequate nutrition required by the young child. Therefore pediatric baby scales are a must-have piece of equipment in delivery rooms, doctors' offices and clinics.

Features of a pediatric scale include that they are:

  • Easy cleaning
  • Lightweight for simple transport, and
  • Capable of averaging the weight of a moving child