Hollister Advance Plus Straight Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter
Hollister Advance Plus Straight Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter

Hollister Advance Plus Straight Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter


Hollister Advance Plus Straight Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter allows for secure and discreet catheterization with a full-length catheter. It comes with a large handle collection bag which allows the user to freely handle the catheter while also shielding it from potential contamination.

Advance Plus Pocket Intermittent Catheter System Attributes: 

  • Latex-free
  • Smooth eyelets
  • Ring cap 
  • Phthalates-free PVC material

Item #DescPkgPrice 
93104 10FR Each $7.99 $4.09
93104 10FR 25/Pack $199.75 $99.99
93104 10FR 100/Case $799.99 $399.90
93124 12FR Each $7.99 $4.09
93124 12FR 25/Pack $199.75 $99.99
93124 12FR 100/Case $799.99 $399.90
93144 14FR Each $7.99 $4.09
93144 14FR 25/Pack $199.75 $99.99
93144 14FR 100/Case $799.99 $399.90
93164 16FR Each $7.99 $4.09
93164 16FR 25/Pack $199.75 $99.99
93164 16FR 100/Case $799.99 $399.90

Advance Plus Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter Features:

  • Hollister Advance Plus Straight Pocket Touchless Intermittent Catheter includes:
    - Gel reservoir
    - Protective tip
    - Ultra-smooth eyelets
    - 1500mL collection bag
    - Large Bag Handle
  • Protective tip helps shield the sterile catheter from bacteria located within the initial 15 mm of the distal urethra
  • No additional gel needed for intermittent catheterization
  • Compact packaging for convenient storage and carrying
  • Discreet, convenient and easy to use
  • User-regulated gel reservoir allows for control of the catheter lubrication without additional supplies
  • Integrated 1500-mL collection bag with large handle helps with handling the catheter while helping to shield the catheter from potential contamination
  • Smooth eyelets help provide trouble-free insertion
  • Ring cap helps keep protective tip clean and protected until use

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  • Please consult a medical professional before using this product if any of the following conditions are present: Severed urethra, unexplained urethral bleeding, pronounced stricture, false passage, urethritis – inflammation of the urethra, prostatitis – inflammation of the prostate gland, epididymitis – inflammation of the epididymis (testicle tube).
  • Self-catheterization should follow the plan of care and advice given by your healthcare practitioner and be carried out only in accordance with the instructions for use provided.
  • Because catheterization frequency varies by person, the recommended frequency of your catheterization should be provided by your healthcare practitioner.


  • To help reduce the potential risk of infection and/or other complications, do not reuse.
  • If discomfort or any sign of trauma occurs, discontinue use immediately and consult your healthcare practitioner.


Catheter MaterialPVC



Catheter FunnelFunnel End

Catheter Style

Uncoated Catheters

Catheter French Size12FR,14FR, 16FR
Drainage EyesUltra-Smooth Eyelets

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