Phase Change Cooling Vests

Phase Change Cooling Vests are designed with revolutionary phase change material (PCM) to keep the user cool. PCM is a non-toxic, carbon based liquid that has a high latent heat of fusion. It freezes at 58F and stays at that temperature for around 2-3 hrs. Phase change cooling vests get quickly activated in a refrigerator, freezer, or in ice water. They absorb heat from the body and keep the user cool and comfortable. As a matter of fact, they are cool vests, not cold vests. They will not cause any ice burn, condensation or temperature fluctuations. At Health Products For You, we offer a wide range of phase change material cooling vests from top-selling brands such as Polar, Glacier, and Techniche @ attractive prices.

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How Do Phase Change Cooling Vests Work?

  • Vests with phase change material for cooling contain inserts that get activated in the freezer or a container of ice water.
  • Their cool temperature absorbs the heat from the users and leaves them cool and comfortable.
  • Inserts maintain this consistent temperature for up to 3 hours. They do not sweat while transferring cold and keep the clothing dry.
  • Inserts can be re-activated and reused. Many people tend to buy extra sets of inserts so that they can use them alternatively.
  • Since they are not exactly ice packs, they do not reach freezing temperatures and can be left in contact with the bare skin. They require much less time to re-activate than an actual frozen ice pack.