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Hudson RCI Lung Volume Exerciser

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Lung Volume Exerciser

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Lung Volume Exerciser

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Hudson RCI Lung Volume Exerciser encourages deep, prolonged inspiration with its design. Its dual-chamber design creates a constant resistance that lifts the ball when the patient maintains inspirations equal to the selected inspiratory flow setting. Its wide flow rate range from 200cc per sec to 1200cc per sec with adjustable and marked flow settings.

Why choose Hudson Lung Exerciser?

  • Marked flow settings
  • Wide flow rate range from 200cc - 1200cc/sec
  • Adjustable


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Features Hudson RCI Lung Exerciser

  • Adjustable, clearly marked flow settings
  • Helps to keep your lung clear after surgery
  • Keep your lungs active when you are recovering from surgery
  • Lung volume exerciser encourages deep and prolonged breathing

What to buy with Huson Incentive Spirometer

How to use the Hudson Incentive Spirometer?

  • Sit on the edge of your bed if possible, or sit up as far as you can in bed.
  • Hold the incentive spirometer in an upright position.
  • Place the mouthpiece in your mouth and seal your lips tightly around it.
  • Breathe in slowly and as deeply as possible, raising the yellow piston toward the top of the column. The yellow coach indicator should be in the blue outlined area.
  • Hold your breath as long as possible (for at least five seconds). Allow the piston to fall to the bottom of the column.
  • Rest for a few seconds and repeat Steps one to five at least 10 times every hour when you are awake.
  • Position the yellow indicator on the left side of the spirometer to show your best effort. Use the indicator as a goal to work toward during each repetition.
  • After each set of 10 deep breaths, practice coughing to be sure your lungs are clear. If you have an incision, support your incision when coughing by placing a pillow firmly against it.
  • Once you are able to get out of bed, walk in the hallway and cough well. You may stop using the incentive spirometer unless otherwise instructed by your health care provider.

FAQs About Hudson Incentive Spirometer

How often should I use the lung Exerciser?

Using the Hudson RCI Incentive Spirometer every 1 to 2 hours, or as instructed by your provider, you can take an active role in your recovery and keep your lungs healthy. To use the spirometer: Sit up and hold the device.

Is lung Exerciser any good?

In the same way, you exercise and strengthen muscles; you can also exercise and strengthen your lungs. Results from consistently using a breathing exercise device include greater cough strength, greater lung capacity, and improved airflow. These devices are compact and feature unique designs for achieving results.

How many times a day should you use an incentive spirometer?

You should use your Hudson Breathing Exerciser at least 10 times every hour when awake.

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