Hospital Supplies

Hospital supplies include items of daily utility like room deodorizers, sharps containers, trash bags and liners, safety gloves, wire shelving, privacy screens and curtains etc. These products help medical professionals and cleaning staff to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. At HPFY we have for you everything that you require to operate your healthcare facility with ease and convenience. Find here products of day to day utility in medical facilities. They can also be used for your home or private clinic.

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Types of Hospital Supplies

  • Room Deodorizers: These deodorizers are developed to neutralize or eliminate bad odor in the patient room. These deodorizers are effective for biological odors that are a common occurrence in hospital facilities. 

  • Sharps Containers: These containers are designed to store sharp objects like needles and syringes that are required in medical procedures like drawing blood or dressing wounds and many more. These containers have openings for secure addition of objects in the container. 

  • Trash Gags and Liners: These bags and liners are designed to be kept inside trash cans so that they can be disposed off conveniently at the end of the day. These liners protect the trash cans from getting dirty and also help in safe disposal of waste without spillages.  

  • Safety Gloves: These gloves are made up of sturdy materials and designed for protecting the hands of wheelchair users or hospital workers from getting dirty or injured while they are at work.  

  • Wire Shelving: These wired utility carts are used as storage solution generally for hospital linen and other things. They provide a handy solution for keeping utilities within reach.  

  • Privacy Screens and Curtains: These screens help in concealing the patient while dressing changes, sponge baths, or other personal hygiene practices. They are used in common wards to maintain the modesty of patients. 

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