Bags And Trash Liners

Bags and trash liners find their usage in hospitals, clinics, offices, laboratories, and industrial environments. These liners are most commonly made up of plastic. These liners come in various sizes to accommodate the diversified needs of the users. In hospitals special waste disposal bags are required. These bags are used to contain bio hazardous products. These bags must be leakage proof and strong to withhold the load. Heavy duty liners are required for containing sharp objects around. At HPFY you can find all types of trash bags and liners for safe disposal of waste materials in hospital facilities, private clinics and long term care facilities.

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Types of Trash Bags and Their Uses

Some bags provide added resistance to stretch and tear and are good for heavy duty use. Some liners are designed to be used with specific products while others are general purpose bags that can be used in homes, offices and restrooms where there are no sharp objects. These liners are sometimes color coded for convenience. We also have equipment covers to keep the equipment away from dust and dirt when not in use. Trash liners and bags make it easier and more convenient to dispose waste without any hassle. 

Try the popular Janibell Bag Liner for 250 Series, Colonial Biohazard Red Liners, Colonial High Density Soiled Linen Liners, Akord Slim Refill Liners, and many more products from top manufacturers like Medline Industries , Elkay Plastic, Mckesson, Janibell etc. at best prices on HPFY! Buy now to avail attractive discounts.