Sharps Containers

Any device that has been used to puncture or lacerate the skin in classified into sharps waste. Sharps waste is a kind of bio hazardous waste that must be handled and disposed with utmost care. Contaminated glass, plastic, disposable scalpels, blades and hypodermic needles are some examples of sharps waste. Syringes and injections must also be disposed along with the needles. Any material that is contaminated by biohazardous waste must be disposed carefully. Glass or plastic items if contaminated with bio waste must be disposed even if not broken. Just like biohazardous waste injuries caused by sharps waste is very harmful and poses a great health risk on the bearer. To minimize the risk sharps containers are used in hospitals. At HPFY we carry a collection of sharps containers with various designs and features. Buy now!

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Risk from Contaminated Sharps

If contaminated sharps waste enters the blood it can cause the spread of blood borne pathogens that spread chronic diseases like hepatitis B, C and HIV. Health care workers handle large amounts of sharps waste in hospitals each day. They are at a great risk of infection from these waste materials. To reduce the occurrence of these injuries sharps containers are used. They are plastic containers for safe disposal of needles and other sharp medical objects like IV catheters, scalpels, blades etc. These are often single use containers that are disposed with the waste inside or reusable that are emptied and cleaned before reusing them. Most sharps containers have an opening for needles. Needles should be dropped directly into the opening and they should not be forced in as they may cause injuries. Sharps containers are see through containers with graduation. Do not fill the container above the indicated mark. Also specimen containers are available to provide samples for lab testing. These containers are generally see through to look at the contents of the container and usually come with labels to write upon.  

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