Privacy Screens and Curtains

Privacy screens and curtain have many different uses. These screens can be used to share the space in a room by creating partitions or sub sections. Privacy screens are foldable screens that are free standing and are composed of hinged panels with casters for easy transportation. They are generally composed of three or more panels. For smaller spaces two panel screens are more appropriate. When the panels unfold they isolate one part of the room from another. These screens are mostly used when two or more patients are sharing the room. Find here privacy screens and curtains for use in hospital and long term care facilities at best prices and attractive discounts.


Uses of Privacy Screens

Privacy screen helps in maintaining their privacy and dignity. Privacy screens find their utility in hospitals, military, education or disaster relief settings for isolating people from the crowd. These screens may be used on a temporary or permanent basis for carrying out certain tasks like changing, washing, dressing changes, and personal hygiene purposes. Other type of privacy screen has a curtain mounted to a wall. These privacy screens run across the ceiling area. They slide easily when required and provide the right amount of privacy. Privacy screens also absorb sound to reduce the noises on the other end. They do not eliminate noise but can definitely help in sound reduction. Privacy screens can be designed in any fabric or painted like you want for decorative purposes. Privacy screens and curtains have a lot to do above just providing isolation.  

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