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What is a Gait Trainer used for?

A gait trainer is a mobility assistive device that helps an individual with motor disabilities walk unassisted. That individual may be someone who is learning to walk or improve their walking ability following a disability. A gait trainer is designed to offer support and postural alignment with more balance and weight-bearing than would a rollator or walker. It helps users in assisted walking or standing with greater independence. This mobility aid features optimal seat and trunk support to encourage a better and more natural gait. Using a gait trainer helps the user strengthen the normal gait patterns and their associated muscle groups. Browse our extensive range of products by top brands like Drive Medical, Pacific Rehab Inc, and Fabrication Enterprises today.

Benefits of Gait Training

Gait training has multi-fold benefits apart from offering a more active lifestyle. They are useful for those with limited mobility due to dysfunctional musculoskeletal or nervous system, brain damage, spina bifida, stroke, etc. Children born with a medical condition or developmental disabilities will find a gait trainer very helpful in their quest to be mobile. Gait trainer for children is designed to improve muscle strength and neuromotor control when walking. Use of gait trainers during physical therapy eases burden on the therapist and promotes motor skill gains through locomotor training during the walking practice. Other advantages include:

How do Pediatric Gait Trainers Work?

Pediatric gait trainers provide support and stability to the child, allowing them to stand and walk with assistance. They have a frame that the child stands inside, and they have straps or harnesses that help to keep the child upright. The frame also has wheels, so the child can be pushed or pulled around.

How to select the correct Gait Trainer?

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a gait trainer because to attain successful results, the trainer has to be the correct choice for you.

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Where to buy Gait Trainers online?

HPFY introduces a range of high quality, affordable Gait Trainers from top manufacturers in the industry. You can choose from full-frame gait trainers which involve a multi-position saddle for flexible adjustments and can be used in both the anterior and posterior positions. One of the best products available here is the Drive Ankle Prompts For Trekker Gait Trainer used for patients with spasticity, poor motor control, ataxia and excessive adduction. It is length adjustable, padded ankle straps maintain legs and/or feet in abduction and prevent scissoring. Its spring clips control stride length.

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