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What are Conductive Garments?

Conductive garment electrodes help facilitate the transfer of electrotherapy to the body from the machine. These garment electrodes are compatible with most electrotherapy devices and can be used with TENS, EMS, and IF units. These garment electrodes are a great alternative for those who have difficulty keeping regular electrodes in the prescribed treatment area. TENS garments are useful for patients suffering from arthritis, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, and many more conditions.

Conductive Garment Electrode Features

What conditions may require Electrotherapy Conductive Garments?

Conductive garments are ideal for people who suffer from:

Why should one use Conductive Garments?

An electrotherapy machine provides pain relief; however, proper placement of electrodes is a crucial part of successful treatment. If the electrodes are not placed on the prescribed treatment area, the therapy will not be as effective. If the area that requires therapy is an awkward part of the body, such as the lower back, then placing electrodes can be difficult for patients trying to treat themselves at home. The body parts where one would experience the most difficulty are the lower back, hand, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, and foot.

Conductive garment electrodes are ideal for the regions mentioned above as they provide pain relief all over and are form-fitted to stay close to the skin. With these garment electrodes, the patients can be assured that they are applying prescribed treatment to the area that will benefit them most.

TENS Conductive Garments at HPFY

At HPFY, we carry a full line of high-quality conductive garments such as conductive gloves, conductive elbow sleeves, conductive back braces, electrotherapy socks, conductive knee garments, etc. Conductive garments can treat pain in the back, arm, hand, knee, ankle, foot, or pain in trunk area.

Garment electrodes are an easy and effective alternative to applying stimulation therapy to larger, more fragile, delicate, and hard-to-reach areas. The user receives 100% coverage of the garment treatment area as the garments are woven with silver to circulate electricity throughout the garment.

Conductive Glove: The conductive glove provides even stimulation to the entire covered area. It is perfect for treating patients with arthritic conditions as well as carpel tunnel syndrome. The stretchable fabric allows for a perfect snug fit. It helps promote excellent blood circulation, swelling reduction, and pain management.

Conductive Back Brace: It may be difficult to place conventional electrodes around the pain area for patients struggling with pain in the lower back. This conductive back brace allows easier positioning of electrodes without requiring assistance.

Conductive Shoulder Garment: Conductive shoulder garment is useful for the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of the shoulder. This device increases the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, and tendons to reduce the risk of injury and increases blood flow to speed up the healing process.

Conductive Knee Garment: A conductive knee brace or conductive knee sleeve makes it easier for self-treatment than using conventional electrodes. Wrap around the knee, connect the lead wires and get 360 degrees even electrotherapy for pain relief.

Conductive Socks: If you struggle with foot and ankle pain, electrotherapy socks are perfect. The socks are woven with silver to maximize conductivity to treat the entire foot and ankle.

Precautions for the use of Wearable Conductive Garments

How to use the TENS Garments

Where to buy Conductive Garments online?

Health Products For You offers a wide selection of sturdy, durable, premium quality conductive garments ergonomically designed for use on body areas in which adhesive electrode application may be difficult. We supply TENS garments from top manufacturers like Pain Management Technologies, Biomedical Life Systems, etc. Place your order today!

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