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Devices for Toilet Assistance for Elderly

Toileting is a basic routine carried by every human being. But some people face difficulty in doing so. Commode aids are designed to assist with the toileting routine of elderly and disabled people with limited mobility, strength, and agility. These aids help them in using the toilet and maintaining personal hygiene more discreetly.

At Health Products For You, we have a wide range of accessories that make the toileting task much easier for you and your loved ones. These products are reliable and safe, designed to accomplish specific requirements. We have a carefully assorted range of products that are designed for your convenience and comfort. There are commode aids for standard commodes, free-standing commodes, and bedpans.

Types Of Toilet Equipment For Disabled

Toilet seat

These ergonomically designed toilet seats are perfect tools for senior citizens and the physically disabled, and for anyone who wants a more comfortable toilet seat. It has a larger and more comfortable opening than the standard toilet seat. It is easily fixed to the toilet bowl. These are available with or without covers. Also, we have toilet seats with transfer handles for safe and convenient transfers. The Commode Contoured Seat For Guardian Padded Transfer Bench is a good example.

Toilet Seat Cushion

You can make the toilet seat more comfortable by adding a cushion to it. The soft cushioning relieves annoying pressure points when seated in the toilet. For individuals with fragile skin and pressure sores, toilet seat cushions offer a comfortable alternative. It also raises the height of the toilet seat and helps the patient in getting up easily. The ROHO Toilet Seat Cushion maximizes the user's stability while protecting from a potential risk of tissue breakdown.

Toilet Seat Riser

Toilet seat riser raises the altitude of the commode to assist people who have difficulty sitting down and getting back up when toileting. A high toilet seat allows the user to be more independent and manage things without taking assistance from the caregiver. The Graham-Field Round Toilet Seat Riser is a great product.

Commode Pails And Lids

Commode pails and lids are used when the commode is placed at the bedside. They help in the containment of feces and its odor until it is disposed of. The tall pail's depth helps prevent splashback. These are made from high-grade, leak-resistant polypropylene plastic that does not allow the odor to pass through it. These can be used for normal bedside commodes and also for bariatric commodes. Invacare Pails And Lids are treated to continually resist the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria that can cause stains and odors.

Toilet Liners

Toilets liners are used to prevent the commode pan from getting soiled and eliminate the unpleasant task of cleaning the commode. They are convenient to use and help in the easy disposal of fecal waste, saving effort and cleaning the commode frequently. Some liners come with absorbent pads, which turn the body fluids to gel. These liners are used with bedside commodes, free-standing commodes, and commode pails. The Cleanis CareBag Commode Liner with Super Absorbent Pad is used for this purpose.

Splash Guard

A splash guard is a toilet seat deflector that prevents splashes and messes while using the commode by people with physical disabilities. It helps in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. It can be easily clipped to the toilet bowl and can be conveniently removed to clean it. Homecraft Savanah Splash Guard is good for this purpose. Apart from the above products, many other toileting accessories are used to ease your difficulties and simplify your living.

Other Toilet Assistance For Elderly People

These Toilets Assist Devices include:

Where To Buy Commode Aids Online?

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of commode accessories for your loved ones to help them with their toilet routine from top manufacturers like Medline Industries, Big John Products, Graham-Field Health Products, Danmar Products and many more.

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