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Safety Bed Rails For Seniors

Safety bed rails are available for one side or both sides. For seniors who sleep alone, it is better to have bed rails on both sides for additional safety and protection. Sturdy and reliable, these adult bed rails provide sound sleep to the user and peace of mind to the caregiver. When selecting bed safety handles and rails for the elderly and weak, it is important to keep all possible safety aspects in mind along with the physical and mental status of the user. Which bed safety product to use will be dependent on these factors. 

For example, if bed rails are used for both sides and the patient suffers from dementia or confusion, there is a possibility that he or she may try to jump over the rails. Some of the rails are not meant for self-operation but need a caregiver to do it. In cases where there is no caregiver involved, the safety rail has to be chosen accordingly. Portable bed rails may expose a user to injury, entrapment or fall if he or she suffers from lack of muscle control or restlessness. These concerns should be kept in mind before buying. Individuals who use a wheelchair can benefit from using a bedrail. Transfers can be made easy with rails. Safety bed rails are also suitable for use by patients who are recovering from surgery or those with severe back pain or suffering from arthritis. 

Other points to keep in mind before selecting bed safety products for adults are: 

Benefits of Bed Safety Rails

Bed safety products play a role in ensuring safety of those individuals who are confined to the bed or need to spend a lot of time in it. Safety rails: 

Accessories for Bed Safety Rails

There are a number of bed safety accessories that can be used with bed safety rails. Bed rail pads protect the user from bruising and arm/leg entrapment while pocket pouch for bed rails are convenient for holding remote control, reading materials or cell phones. There is quite a variety in bed rail pads and these include wedge pads, vinyl pads, bed rail cushions and safety bumpers.

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Frequently asked questions

Bed rails or Hospital Side Rails provide a variety of functions: they can prevent bedridden patients or hospice patients from rolling or falling out of bed, and provide support when you have difficulty getting into and out of bed or adjusting your position once in bed. When sleeping alone, double bed may be better than a rail on a single side. For maximum adaptability, you may choose adjustable bed rails that can be shortened or lengthened as needed and/or lowered by a caregiver.

Many of the safety rails cannot be operated by the person in the bed. They are meant to be operated by a care giver. Read the product instructions carefully to confirm this information.

Many of the safety rails cannot be operated by the person in the bed. They are meant to be operated by a care giver. Read the product instructions carefully to confirm this information.

Bed rails can be dangerous for people at higher risk of entrapment, falls or injury from portable bed rails due to confusion, restlessness, lack of muscle control, or a combination. Other risks include:

  • rolling over the top of the rail
  • climbing over the rail
  • climbing over the footboard
  • violently shaking and dislodging rails
  • violent contact with bedrail parts

Bed rails need careful management. Care givers should ensure:

  • Bed rails are only provided when they are the right solution to prevent falls
  • A careful risk assessment is carried out by a competent person taking into account the bed occupant, the bed, mattresses, bed rails and all associated equipment
  • The rail is compliant with the bed and mattress
  • The mattress fits snugly between the rails
  • The rail is correctly fitted, secure, regularly inspected and maintained
  • Gaps that could cause entrapment of neck, head and chest are eliminated
  • Staff are trained for the risks and safe use of bed rails

Bed Entrapment is when poorly fitting bed rails cause a persons neck, chest or limbs to get trapped in gaps between the bed rails or between the bed rail and the bed, headboard, or mattress causing serious injuries or even death.