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Accessories for side rails are designed keeping in view the patient's safety needs. These accessories include leg extenders, safeguard covers, rail cushions, bed bumpers, bed rail pads, etc., which help to prevent bed rail-related injuries. Bed rails are designed to prevent the patient from falling from the bed and being injured. But sometimes, these side rails pose a risk of entrapment. Hard metal and plastic surfaces also cause trauma injuries to vulnerable patients.

Bed entrapment is a serious safety issue, causing several injuries and deaths of people at long-term care facilities or at home care settings. People with pre-existing conditions such as confusion, agitations, lack of muscle control, or people who are cognitively impaired from medical conditions such as the Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's etc.,are at a higher risk of entrapment and injury.

FDA has issued certain guidelines for the prevention of these accidental injuries to ensure patient's safety at the hospital and in the home care setting. Bed rail protectors are beneficial in filling the gap between the side rail and the mattress to eliminate the risk of entrapment and accidental injuries. These side rail accessories play an important role in safeguarding the patients from any untoward incidents. Health Products For You deals with all kinds of safety accessories for your bedside rail.

What are the Accessories for the Side Rail?

The hospital accessories list includes -

Bed bumpers

These are padded covers that are placed over the bed rails and go down below the level of the mattress. These enveloping covers prevent impact injuries and reduce the risk of entrapment between the mattress and the bed rail. These bumpers can be attached to the side rail with Velcro closures. These are ideal for patients who have trouble staying In bed. Blue Chip Bed Bumpers protect patients from accidental injury due to banging or slipping through a bed rail.

Bed rail pads

Bed rail pads are designed to solve the problem of entrapment and to prevent injuries while on the bed. These are paddings that cover the upper and patient sides of the bed rail. They also give protection against skin tears and bruises resulting from contact with the metal rails. Bed rail pads are key to gap protection.

Features of bed rail pads:

  • They are easy to install, can be secured with Velcro closures over the rail.
  • They are made from non-allergenic, flame-retardant.
  • They are manufactured with durable polyfoam material and a vinyl cover.
  • They are easy to clean and prevents cross-contamination.
  • Split-rail and window models are also available

Skil Care Corp offers various types of rail pads such as wedge pads, split-rail pads, window type pads, sheepskin pads, and many more.

Safeguard covers

Safeguard cover is designed to eliminate the risk of any type of entrapment between the rails of the handle. It covers over the handle and can be secured at the bottom with a hook and loop fastener. They can be used both in hospital settings and home settings. The MTS SafetySure SafeGuard Cover protects the patient from serious injuries and bodily harm.

Pocket pouch for side rail

These pouches are designed to store essential things like medicines, cell phones, remotes, books, etc., within a hand's reach. So that the patient need not have to move unnecessarily and harm himself or herself. They can be easily fixed to the bad rail.

Where to Buy Accessories for the Side Rail?

HPFY offers a variety of side rail protectors and accessories with unique benefits to meet the varying needs of the patients. They are all quality products from top manufacturers like the Blue Chip Medical Products, Essential Medical, Graham-Field Health Products, and many more. Provide complete safety to your loved ones protecting them from injuries due to banging or slipping through a bed rail by using bed rail protectors.

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