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What is a Wheelchair Back Cushion?

The wheelchair back cushion is ergonomically designed to provide postural support and spinal alignment to the user. For a person who sits in a wheelchair for an extended period, the back cushion plays a key role in optimizing function and independence. An appropriate backrest supports the natural curve of the spine and allows for greater movement in the upper body without putting pressure on the spine. The wheelchair back support cushion keeps the user stable and comfortable and significantly lowers the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

Health Products For You brings highly comfortable back support cushions that provide optimal positioning and superior pressure redistribution. These cushions dynamically conform to the user's back to provide maximum comfort and support. Our catalog features a range of flat and contoured backrests that can accommodate different body types and sizes and provide desired postural support and enhanced trunk stability. Explore today and find the best wheelchair cushion.

Types of Wheelchair Back Support Cushions

Flat Back Support

A flat back support cushion is the standard design ideal for people who do not require positioning support while in the wheelchair. These cushions are flat on both sides and provide an even level of support from all angles. Proactive Protekt Back Cushion provides support to the lumbar region and improves seating posture.

Contoured Back Support

A contoured back support cushion is the best option for users who need a degree of positioning support. The contoured cushion conforms to the body's natural curves, offering an additional level of posterior pelvic support to the users who require it. Additionally, they are useful to those who need better pressure management. Acta-Contour Wheelchair Back Support features a moldable center section that allows precise contours for any spinal curvature and offers increased support and comfort to accommodate lumbar, scoliosis, and kyphosis needs.

What are the Benefits of Back Support Cushions?

  • Provide trunk stability and balance by supporting the natural spinal curvature.
  • Promote pelvic stability and pressure redistribution to minimize pressures.
  • Improve posture and decrease the progression of postural abnormalities.
  • Increase sitting tolerance.
  • Reduce fatigue and maximize function.
  • Manage back pain, neck pain, arthritis, scoliosis, and kyphosis
  • Promote comfort, patient safety, and independence.

Buying Guide: Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Wheelchair Backrests


Before purchasing, take appropriate measurements of the wheelchair and find a suitable backrest that fits well in your wheelchair.


Choose between a flat or contoured cushion, depending on your needs. If you do not spend long hours in the chair and need the cushion for minimal support, then a flat cushion may work well. On the other hand, a contoured cushion fits around the body, offering a much greater degree of support and comfort.


Take into consideration various types of material used in back cushions and choose between foam, gel-filled, or air-filled cushions that best suits your needs. Also, look for breathable material in case you live in a warmer climate and perspire heavily, that may lead to sores and discomfort, prefer buying a cushion with removable covers that can be washed. Similarly, if you are struggling with incontinence, buying an additional water-resistant cover may be feasible.

Weight capacity

Another important thing to take into consideration is the weight capacity. A bariatric patient may need a back cushion with a greater weight capacity to prevent it from bottoming out with long-term use. Bariatric cushions also provide a greater degree of weight distribution which is important to maintain the required support.

Where to Buy Best Wheelchair Back Support Cushions Online?

Health Products For You offers a wide array of superior quality wheelchair backrests that promote posture and provide comfort and safety to wheelchair users. These premium products are from well-known manufacturers like The Comfort Company, Drive Medical, K2 Health Products, and many more. Buy today for the comfort of your loved ones.

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