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Cervical Orthopedics Aids At HPFY

Cervical spondylosis is not an uncommon health condition. It is largely an age-related concern that affects the cervical joints and discs, known as the neck in layman language. The most common reason for cervical spondylosis is the wear and tear of the cartilage and bones. However, the main culprit behind this health condition is old age—many factors aid in developing cervical pain in the neck.

Interestingly, some people who have this health condition never experience any symptoms. While for others, it may cause severe pain and stiffness in many areas of the body. In graver cases, it can also lead to immobility and cause hindrances in performing daily activities. Pain is a very personal and individualistic experience. The gravity of this syndrome depends on the degree of pain and its effect on one's well-being. To relieve severe neck pain Health Products For You brings to you a wide range of products specifically designed to heal cervical spondylosis neck and back pain from top brands such as Core Products, Hermell Products Inc., and Geneva Healthcare.

What causes Cervical Pain?

Bad Posture

Improper posture puts unnecessary stress on the spinal cord. The ligaments are often overstretched, the muscles get tired. The joints and nerves have to endure excessive pressure leading to unbearable neck pain. It sometimes may also lead to back and abdomen pain.

Muscle Strain

Minute muscle pulls in the back and abdominal region heal on their own within a few hours or days. However, in some cases, the severe strain on certain body parts may cause extreme muscle pain, which may need medical assistance for pain relief.

Overstretched Ligament

This happens when you overuse or overstretch ligaments too quickly, resulting in tissue rupturing. It can lead to swelling and pain in the neck region, which can potentially cause a lot of damage if not treated on time.

Herniated Discs

Herniated Discs in the cervical region can cause severe shoulder pain, back pain, or neck pain. It may also cause numbness and tingling sensations in the limb.


Irritation or pain along the lower back and sciatic nerves can aggravate your back pain which can travel up to your neck.


The vertebral and facet joints which are affected by arthritis cause degeneration and inflammation of joints. This leads to the formation of bone spurs, causing neck pain.

Sports Injuries or Accidents

Cervical pain is also caused by accidents or injuries endured during a sport. The most common of all is whiplash. The whipping motion can damage the muscle strands essential for the proper functioning of your neck. Subsequently, it might dislocate or misalign the structure of the neck resulting in prolonged neck pain. To repair the dislocation, cervical traction is applied.

What is Cervical Traction?

The traction of the spine is also known as cervical traction, which is an effective and reliable treatment for cervical pain caused by injuries. Essentially, cervical traction pulls the head apart from the neck, which creates expansion while eliminating compression. This is a viable option of treatment for those not looking for heavy medications or surgery. It is also used as a part of physical therapy treatment done at home.

A cervical traction device very gently stretches the neck and reduces pressure on the spine. The pressure on the spine decreases when the vertebrae are separated. It works effectively and provides quick relief from neck pain. This treatment for mild neck pain may not completely relieve an intense pang in the neck. For that, cervical orthopedic aids are recommended accordingly by the doctors.

Buying Guide - Choosing a Cervical Orthopedic Aid

There are a few things one must consider while buying a cervical traction device for neck pain.

Type of the device

There are different kinds of cervical traction equipment available at HPFY. You can choose the most suitable of them all and get relief from your neck problems. Be very specific while choosing a cervical orthopedic product. HPFY provides cervical roll pillows, cervical support pillows, and cervical collars from different manufacturers such as Vive Health and Essential Medical, to name a few.


Our cervical orthopedic aids are extremely budget-friendly. These cervical collars for neck pain relief come with several unique features and do not put stress on your pocket. They offer durability and make your life easier. Health Products For You believes in catering to all your needs and provide the best deals on every purchase.


Although the speed of results differs from person to person however Cervical support pillows at HPFY are considered to provide quick relief from back pain. Our best-selling products are popular among customers for their effectiveness in relieving neck muscle pain.

Ease of Operation

The Cervical Orthopedic Aids at HPFY are extremely easy to operate and do not require much manpower. Our new-age hi-tech cervical collars like the Trulife Lerman Non-Invasive Halo are quite easy to use. The idea is to provide maximum comfort and relief with minimum effort.


One of the most crucial aspects of buying a cervical pillow or neck brace is to check its portability. Always go for a neck support brace that is travel-friendly and compact, convenient to carry anywhere without any troubles.

Where to buy Orthopedic Cervical Collars Online?

Make Health Products For You your one-stop shop for all your neck-related problems and get the best deals and attractive discounts on every purchase. Additionally, we offer cervical collars from different manufacturers and brands such as the Rolyan, FLA, and Softeze. Check our catalog today and buy the best one for your needs.

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