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Bariatric Or Heavy-Duty Cushions At HPFY

The right cushion is a must-have if you are using a wheelchair. The right cushion is not only essential for comfort but also helps wheelchair users in the prevention of pressure injuries. The ideal cushion also helps in pressure management, positioning, and enhanced sitting balance. People with mobility issues who are confined to a wheelchair for a prolonged time are prone to pressure sores, even more, if they are overweight. So we have to go for a bariatric cushion, also known as a heavy-duty cushion for an obese person, as the standard cushion is unsuitable.

Bariatric cushions are designed to hold and evenly distribute profound weights without losing shape. It is larger and wider than a standard wheelchair cushion and is designed to enhance comfort, sitting tolerance, trunk stability, and positioning. They are not only sturdy but also soft and comfortable. High-density resilient foam is used to prevent bottoming out.

Benefits of Best Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions

These cushions are made of high-density foam, gel, memory foam, or a combination of these. Bariatric foam cushion can hold up to 750 pounds in weight, an air bariatric cushion can hold up to 700 pounds, and a gel cushion can hold up to 500 pounds. But one can customize a cushion that can hold up to 1000 pounds. Benefits of bariatric cushion include:

  • It promotes better posture and sitting stability.
  • It gives protection against the incidence of pressure sores.
  • It facilitates proper pressure redistribution.
  • It provides correct alignment to the back and hips.
  • It reduces back, sciatica, and tail bone pain.
  • It minimizes muscle pain.
  • It prevents falls.

We at Health Products For You offer a comprehensive selection of superior quality bariatric wheelchair cushions that support and comfort prevent pressure ulcers. They provide positioning and pressure relief. Raised front controls forward thrust to maintain pelvic neutrality. Ample foam cushioning relieves pressure and adds comfort. Choose the right cushion for an improved quality of life for both the user and the caregiver.

Buying Guide: Points To Keep in Mind While Buying A Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion

Weight capacity

Bariatric cushions are designed to have a larger weight capacity and are commonly designed for users of 350 pounds or higher. Still, it would be best if you considered the user's weight to withstand the weight without losing shape. Choosing the correct weight capacity is of utmost importance for providing optimal stability without bottoming out while extending the life of the cushion.

Seat Size

Bariatric cushions come in different sizes. Select a cushion that fits correctly into your wheelchair, not too big or too small. An ill-fitting cushion can result in improper weight distribution, discomfort, and inadequate support. We recommend you take accurate measurements before going ahead with the purchase.


Some cushions are flat, and others come with a contoured design. If the user can easily get in and out of a wheelchair without much assistance, a flat cushion may be sufficient. If the person sits for a prolonged period and cannot move the body freely without help, a contoured cushion is ideal for maintaining posture and position.


It is very crucial to keep the cushion clean. Some cushions are easy to clean by simply wiping them. Some cushions come with removable covers, which becomes easy to maintain for patients with incontinence issues or heavy perspiration. The cover should be made of breathable fabric and should be water-resistant.

Best Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions to Prevent Pressure Sores

Where To Buy Bariatric Wheelchair Cushions Online?

We at Health Products For You carry the best bariatric cushions from the top manufacturers like Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Mason Medical, Proactive Medical, Drive Medical, and many more. If your loved ones are using a bariatric wheelchair, provide them with the right cushion, giving optimum support and comfort.

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