Swing Frames

Swing frames ideally accommodate various therapy swing modules for a number of therapeutic uses like vestibular, neurodevelopmental and sensory integration therapy. HPFY encompasses swing frames for both indoor and outdoor use. They are available as on ground frames, ceiling mounted systems, standard swing frames, free standing frames etc. to suit the varying needs of users and therapists. These frames are meant for both personal and commercial use. It is better to determine in advance the type of use the swing is intended for and choice must be made accordingly. Some types of swing frames are meant to be used outside while others like the FlagHouse Ceiling Joist System are meant for indoor use only. Frames like FlagHouse Extension Beam for Sensory Integration Support System can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.

Lightweight swing frames are mostly intended for home use only. These frames come with special feet to prevent the flooring from getting marred and also prevents tipping. Buy swing frames from Flaghouse that are sturdy and durable and provide the required support to many types of swings.