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What is 2 Piece Ostomy Bag?

The ostomy pouch and skin barrier, or wafer, are two separate and distinct components in a two-piece ostomy system. This provides the user with the convenience of changing the pouch while the skin barrier continues to remain attached to the skin. The pouch is attached to the barrier either using an adhesive mount or is snapped on by means of a plastic ring on both the pouch and the moisture barrier. The advantage of this system is that you can vary the size of the ostomy pouch as per your activity and wear different-sized bags. We carry a number of two-piece systems from top manufacturers like ConvaTec, Hollister, Coloplast, Cymed, Genairex, and Marlen.

Types of Two Piece Pouching System

There are different types of two-piece ostomy systems; choosing one will depend on your needs. One criterion for selection is surgery type - ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy. Your selection will depend on the surgery you have had.

Types of Skin Barriers with Two-Piece Ostomy Systems

Standard Skin Barrier

A two-piece system with a standard skin barrier is best for someone who has had a colostomy. The Coloplast Assura AC is a good example of a standard wear moisture barrier that has belt tabs for wearing an ostomy belt. 

Extended Wear Skin Barrier

The extended wear moisture barrier in a two-piece ostomy system suits those who have had an ileostomy or urostomy because it provides additional protection from stoma output, thus preventing skin irritation. The SUR-FIT Natura from ConvaTec has a urostomy pouch with an extended wear barrier.  

Pre-Cut Skin Barrier

If your stoma size is regular and just needs attaching a moisture barrier to it then choosing a two-piece ostomy system with a pre-cut skin barrier makes sense. A pre-cut pouch is pre-sized and has a hole already cut to fit around the stoma. The Center Point Lock system is a pre-cut system from Hollister with a synthetic moisture barrier designed to be the most resistant to discharge. 

Cut-to-Fit Skin Barrier

A cut-to-fit two-piece ostomy system requires cutting the hole in the wafer to fit around your unique stoma as per its size and shape. This type is more suitable for someone with an irregular-sized stoma. The ConvaTec SUR-FIT Natura is cut to fit and ideal for those with semi-formed to formed output. 

Moldable Skin Barrier

A two-piece ostomy system with a moldable moisture barrier is required by those whose output is more liquid. The moisture barrier swells up and molds around the stoma to provide a firmer and more secure seal. 

Convex/Non-Convex Skin Barrier

A two-piece system with a convex moisture barrier is suitable for those with an irregular stoma size and shape. The convex shape of the barrier with a protrusion in the center allows it to provide a snug fit over the stoma, thus disallowing any leakage. A non-convex moisture barrier is flat.

Advantages of the Two Piece Ostomy System

Why Choose 2 Piece Ostomy Bags?

The choice of a two piece pouching system will depend on individual preferences and needs. If you have sensitive and fragile skin, then a two-piece system will be convenient because only the pouch must be removed for emptying. In a one-piece system, the entire pouch has to be removed, including the moisture barrier, which means there is constant friction with the skin. If your output is high and you need to drain out the pouch frequently, then a two-piece ostomy bag is more convenient because only the bag can be removed, drained, and re-attached. Before making a selection, it is important to check out all the features available and then make an informed decision. Only the right product will give you peace of mind.

Where to buy the Best 2 Piece Ostomy Bag online?

Health Products for You offers a huge collection of two-piece ostomy systems from Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Genairex, and many more.

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Frequently asked questions

In a two-piece ostomy system, the ostomy bag is separate from the skin barrier. The skin barrier is fixed on the peristomal skin of the stoma using adhesives and then the ostomy pouch is attached to the barrier. The barrier and bag may be linked using adhesives or a coupling system.

  • Better visibility while measuring baseline hole that fits effectively around the stoma
  • Less irritation to the skin as pouch can be replaced without changing the baseline
  • The pouch can be opened from top to let out excessive air

Many change the ostomy pouch within 3 to 7 days or if there is itching or burning under the baseplate. It is recommended not to wear the pouch for more than seven days.

The stoma bag can be cut and its content flushed down the toilet and the bag disposed of. Alternately, the pouch can be disposed of along with its content into a disposal bag. Seal the bag, put it into the domestic refuse bin and wash your hands.

  • Wash your hands
  • If using drainable bag, flush content down the toilet
  • Apply adhesive remover over the top and remove flange from the corners
  • Peel the flange, apply additional remover in case needed
  • Remove excess soiling over stoma and surrounding skin with non-woven swab  
  • Wash stoma and surrounding area with water and let it dry
  • Check size of stoma and if adjustments required then cut hole in skin barrier
  • Apply barrier wipes over the skin around stoma and let it dry
  • Peel off cover from adhesive flange
  • Place flange over the stoma and smoothen it out without any wrinkle
  • Hold it in place for 30 to 50 seconds to make it stick better
  • Attach the bag to flange making sure bag and flange are connected