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Special Strollers And Pushchairs Buyers Guide

A Special needs stroller benefits people who experience limited strength and capacity of motion. The strollers are mainly used to commute children and older people who cannot walk properly from one place to another—the pediatric strollers aid children in their social and cognitive development. Children with immobility issues find it difficult to explore the world, but not anymore. The special needs strollers work are a blessing for such kids. These strollers allow children to grow into independent individuals and live normal life. Health Products For You brings to you the best special needs strollers at affordable prices, manufactured by top brands like Convaid and Thomashilfen Exomotion.

Strollers are special mobility equipment designed to provide your child with a smooth stroll through parks, hospitals, pavements and a lot more. These pediatric strollers provide a comfortable seating along with a lot more features. They are less functional than a standard wheelchair but offer a better portability and is very lightweight when compared. A stroller is a vehicle that is driven by the parent or the caregiver. Strollers are available in man attractive colors and designs that your kid will love. Special needs strollers go through rigorous tests regarding crash, drop or bumpy roads ensuring the safety of your child in any situation.

Types Of Special Needs Strollers

  • Tilt-Recline Strollers
  • Lightweight Pediatric Strollers
  • Transit Stroller
  • Harness System

Tilt-recline strollers

Tilt-recline strollers come in -

  • Fixed tilt strollers are designed especially for children and young adults having low trunk strength. They aid in upper body positioning. They offer maximum comfort, strength, durability, and sitting tolerance. The Convaid Cruiser CX Pediatric Wheelchair features a 30° fixed tilt for improved postural control. It provides five years of growth capabilities and self-tensioning seating for increased sitting tolerance. Cruiser fixed-tilt wheelchair is durable, convenient, and can be custom-built to the users' specifications to meet their physical needs.
  • Adjustable tilt gives the option to tilt between the selected degree of tilt for improved posture, comfort, and positioning.
  • Recline allows going on outings and taking naps on a long journey.
  • Tilt and recline allow users to have the feature of both tilt-in-space and recline for users who cannot maintain their pelvic position for a longer period.

Lightweight Pediatric Strollers

Lightweight Pediatric Strollers are innovative new-age strollers best suitable for kids and older people alike. The Thomashilfen Swifty 2 Lightweight Pediatric Stroller is a stable, comfortable pediatric wheelchair with a fixed seat. It can withstand the many stresses of day-to-day life and is quickly ready for use. Not only for the little ones but it can also be used to commute bigger children (up to 50 kg and 150 cm tall) without any hassle.

Harness System

The Angeles Runabout 6 Passenger Stroller is a five-point harness system with superior safety, which features a water-and fade-resistant canopy with adjustable side sunshades. It allows preschools and daycares to transport 4 or 6 students at a time. This passenger stroller easily fits through standard doorways and has a foot push bar for easy curb access, and its commercial-grade secure parking brake keeps strollers stationary for loading and unloading. For ages 6-36 months, up to 40 pounds each.

Transit Stroller

The special needs strollers mostly come in fold-able models that are easy to carry in the trunk of the car. It lets the families plan more outings without worrying about carrying heavy strollers around. Interestingly, these special strollers are placed well between or under the car seats if need be. The Convaid EZ Rider Pediatric Wheelchair is intended for use by a person with physical disabilities who is frequently or permanently non-ambulatory. The wheelchair is always under the control and supervision of an attendant, and the occupant should never be left unattended. EZ Rider comes in either Textilene or Cordura upholstery that is removable, washable, and comes in a wide selection of colors.

Where to buy Special Needs Strollers for Toddlers?

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