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Socks Aids - Introduction | Different Types | Choose the Best Sock Aids | Indications

What are Sock Aids?

It is important to put on compression garments properly to avoid any blood flow blockages. But compression stockings can sometimes be difficult to put on especially for people with limited strength and dexterity. Your compression garment should fit like a second skin. Sock and stocking aids help in donning compression stockings or socks in the required way. At HPFY you will find a variety of products that will help you in putting your stockings on with ease and comfort. Browse our full catalog to find the best product for you.

Types of Stockings and Sock Aids

We have Donning gloves, stocking donners, easy sliders and Sock Aid for Wide Feet. These aids come in universal sizes to fit any user. Stocking aids are easy to use, portable and durable. Sock aids help in putting your socks on without the need of bending or folding your knees. We also have donning aids for people with edema or swollen legs.

  • Compression Stocking Aid - Stocking Aids is used to put on compression stockings and socks. These aids come with extra-wide width that is perfect for people with wide feet.
  • Plastic Sock Aid - These aids are designed for those who have difficulty in removing compression stockings, ted hoes socks, and hosiery. It helps individuals remain independent and avoid the frustration of removing thick or tight compression hoses. It has a plastic handle that helps pull on and take off the socks. It can be used as a shoehorn. Choose from our stocking aids such as Achieva Sock-eez Sock Aid, Sock Horse Sock Aid, E. C. I. C. Sock-eez Compression Sock Removal Aid, and more at HPFY.
  • Stocking Donners - Stocking Donner is a device for donning compression stockings and socks. It allows users to easily put on and take off any compression sock or stocking by guiding it up and down your leg or arm.
  • Donning Gloves - Donning Gloves are used when user put on and remove their compression stockings. These golves can help protect the hosiery from nails or dry skin. Shop donning gloves like BSN Jobst Donning Gloves For Compression Stocking Donning and Removal at Health Products For You.

Choosing the Best Sock Aid

Some sock aids have long rigid handles which are easy to hold.

When to use Stocking Aids?

Socks Aids are perfect for those who suffer from -
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • lymphedema
  • arthritis
  • edema
  • People who have weak hands or have difficulty bending at the waist

Where to Buy Stocking and Socks Aids Online?

We have Socks Aids , Stocking Aids , Donning Aids and Dressing Aids to help you put your compression garments on in a proper manner every day. Try stocking and sock aids from top manufacturers like NORTH COAST MEDICAL, MADDAK, JULIUS ZORN, BSN MEDICAL and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY! Buy now to avail these discounts.

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