Scrub Jackets

By Manufacturer
Scrub jackets or scrub wear-over is a jacket like scrub garment that can be either worn over a scrub top or can be directly worn without wearing a medical garment underneath. Scrub jackets are a convenient way garment that can be worn over other medical garments such as overalls, protective gowns, and sometimes even on lab coats to protect them from stains or spillages.

Features of Medical Scrub Jackets

  • Scrub tops are do not offer complete protection or covering of the hands and so cuffed coverings like scrub jackets can be worn to provide a secure covering of arms till the wrists.
  • They are made of thick and durable fabric that allows for a greater protection than other scrub garments while providing comfort as well. One can also choose from a scrub jackets with elegant and fun designs and pop colors to add a bit of spunk in that medical garment.
  • Protection offered by scrub jackets includes reducing exposure to contaminants and they also reduce tracking harmful agents into a surgical site.

Where to Buy Medical Scrub Jackets?

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