Drinking and Eating Made Easier

There are very few things in this world that we must do, but eating and drinking is one of them. As human beings we must take in nutrients and expel waste in order to stay alive (as well as breathe). Navigating the grocery store can be akin to tap dancing in a minefield. With so many options to eat and drink, how do we make the healthy choice? Without driving ourselves crazy, there are some simple solutions to help us live healthier and avoid potential health issues down the road.

 Drinking (and Eating) Made Easier

Diets and Fads

 Drinking (and Eating) Made Easier

We have all dieted and have tried all the current fads such as the Atkins diet, Mediterranean diet, all sorts of different cleanses, and on and on and on. The most common result is some weight loss and usually regaining that weight after your diet is over. Sometimes there is even additional weight gain when the diet is over which is obviously not an optimal result. Before starting any diet or cleanse you should always consult your physician. When we think of diets we think of food that we eat, but one item that we ingest that can be laden with calories and sugars are soft drinks. Soda and fruit juices or your favorite morning coffee beverage can contain added sugars and lots of calories that can lead to weight gain and other health complications down the road, such as diabetes and heart disease. Sports drinks also contain sugars as well as electrolytes, but if we’re not engaged in physical activity this is not necessary. Drinks such as water, seltzer water, or club soda and juices with no sugar added are probably the better option. Reach for the countertop water dispenser or the pitcher of ice water in the fridge. As we age, we require less calories since we are less mobile, more sedentary, and our metabolism slows. points out it’s not a matter of just eating less, but eating smarter. For those with diabetes, finding that fine balance can be a challenge, but avoiding high calorie/sugar beverages can go a long way.

 Drinking (and Eating) Made Easier

Eat and Drink Nutrient Rich

 Drinking (and Eating) Made Easier

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to eat and drink things that are good for us. Protein is an important building block for muscle growth which in turn physically makes us strong. A well-balanced diet that includes a diet rich in protein can be supplemented by protein drinks and shakes . Incorporating protein into your favorite beverage is now easier than ever. Whether it’s for an adult or your child, add some protein powder to your favorite food or beverage to enhance your regular diet and it can help promote healthy skin, immune response, and muscle growth. Many people have a problem maintaining weight (curse them!!) and could benefit from a food enhancer to add calories and quality protein to their favorite foods instead of eating junk. Nutritional health can start at a very early age or maybe even necessary for some children. Pediatric nutritional drinks can be taken orally or if necessary through a feeding tube to achieve nutritional goals and build strong bones. Along with protein rich foods, we should make sure we take in a daily dose of fruits and/or vegetables. He eat healthy, but don’t let that smart eating defeated by unhealthy beverages. Don’t forget the food pyramid we all learned in school!!

Eating healthy is only part of the equation. Making sure that we don’t drink beverages laden with empty calories and high sugar content is a simple way to start us down the path of living healthier, longer lives.


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