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What is L-Carnitine? 

L-carnitine is a nonessential amino acid as it is produced naturally in the body. It is formed in the liver and kidneys and is made from two essential amino acids; lysine and methionine. The kidneys can store L-carnitine for later use and excrete the excess through the urine. 

L-carnitine plays several crucial roles in the body. It serves as a building block for protein making. Its main purpose is to produce energy by transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria of muscle cells. 

L Carnitine Supplements at HPFY 

Some medical professionals recommend L-carnitine in supplement form to help support those with diabetes, heart conditions, erectile dysfunction, and other health conditions. It is best known for its ability to help in weight loss, especially when combined with a healthy diet and exercise routine. HPFY offers L-carnitine supplements from top brands at affordable prices. 

Symptoms of L-Carnitine Deficiency  

Symptoms of deficiency may manifest in different ways. Some may have mild symptoms, whereas others may have no symptoms. Following are a few common symptoms: 

How much L Carnitine Powder should I take? 

Generally, most people tolerate L-carnitine well. The common recommended dose is 1-3 grams per day. However, those with genetic abnormalities or other health conditions causing deficiency of L-carnitine should talk to their doctor for a more specific dosage. 

Benefits of Best L-Carnitine Supplements 

Consuming the best l-carnitine supplements can positively affect overall well-being and improve your training results. L-carnitine benefits include: 

When to consume L-Carnitine Supplements? 

You can break up the prescribed daily dose of L-carnitine supplement into two or three doses as per your comfort and take it with a high carbohydrate, high protein meal throughout the day. 

If you wish to use this to optimize energy during the workout, it is best to take it pre-workout. For effective results, it is recommend taking L-carnitine about one hour before exercise. 

It can be taken post-workout as L-carnitine is highly effective in easing off muscle soreness. 

Where to buy L-Carnitine for Weight Loss? 

Health Products For You offers l carnitine powder, l-carnitine capsules, and l-carnitine tablets from esteemed vendors like Life Extension, Finaflex, GAT, etc. Shop now and earn reward dollars on every purchase and use these earned reward dollars on your next order. 

Research Papers on L-Carnitine Supplements 

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