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Tube feeding or enteral feeding is a procedure that is used to provide food and nutrients to people who cannot eat through their mouth. Sometimes this condition may be due to swallowing difficulties. Tube feeding is usually done for a temporary period of time. But certain chronic conditions may also require permanent tube placement. Feeding tubes are made of silicone or PU (polyurethane) and are classified according to the usage and place of insertion. The feed that is provided via flexible feeding tube is usually in liquid form. This feed provide nutrition to the patient. At HPFY you can find products that provide proper nutrition that the body requires at effective prices. Try them today!

This nutrition is equal to what the body should receive by way of normal food including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water, proteins and fat. The digestion process takes place in the same manner as in case of other food.

Types of Enteral Feeds        

In accordance to the varying nutritional requirements of patients various enteral feeding formulae are developed. These formulae differ according to weight of the patient, activity level, medical conditions, surroundings and the amount of food taken orally if any. A wide variety of Tube feeding formulae are developed by manufacturers including:

  • Low or high energy requirements 

  • With or without fiber 

  • High protein needs 

  • Lactose (milk) intolerance.

Your doctor will tell you which type of feed you require to fulfill all your nutritional deficiencies. Tube feeding is required by people with health conditions like dementia, anorexia nervosa, critically ill patients, mechanical obstruction or dysmotility.

At HPFY we bring to you a wide range of feeding formulas and feeding tubes to meet your specific nutritional needs. We have a collection of tube feeding formulas like Abbott Ensure High Protein Therapeutic Nutrition Shake, Abbott Jevity 1.2 Cal High-Protein Nutritional Drink With Fiber or the Abbott PediaSure Grow and Gain Complete Balanced Pediatric Nutrition With Fiber and many more that provide a diet high in specified nutrients. Also we do offer a wide selection of feeding tubes like Corpak CORFLO Ultra Nasogastric Feeding Tubes With Anti-Clog Feeding Port or the Kimberly-Clark Gastrostomy Feeding Tube etc. that are preferred by clients as well as doctors due to the reliable service they provide.