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ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Signal Fecal Management System

Brand: CONVATEC SKU: 418000
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Signal Fecal Management System Kit, 223mm H x 237mm W x 70mm D

SKU 418000
$562.59 Each
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ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Signal Fecal Management System is an indwelling catheter that is used to manage fecal incontinence. It is designed to collect liquid to semi-liquid stool and provide access to administer medications. This system offers a comfortable, secure, and effective approach to maintaining hygiene and dignity for those needing such care. ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Signal FMS features a visual indicator that turns yellow when the catheter is full, helping to prevent overfilling. It also has a patented blue finger pocket for ease of insertion.

What does ConvaTec Flexi Seal Signal Fecal Management System Kit Include?

  • 1 Soft Silicone Catheter tube assembly
  • 1 Syringe
  • 3 Charcoal Filtered Collection Bags


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ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Signal FMS Features

  • Temporary fecal diversion and containment system
  • At one end, the soft silicone catheter has a retention balloon that is inserted into the rectum
  • At the opposite end, the catheter has a connector for attaching the collection bag
  • Protect wounds, surgical sites, and burns from fecal soiling
  • Minimize soiling of bed cloths and linens
  • Sampling Protection, Blue sampling port allows safe and easy stool collection helping minimize the risk of fecal exposure
  • With 6x more odor-capturing compared to the charcoal-filtered collection bags. This filter also eliminates the need to release the excess gas from the collection bag manually

ConvaTec Flexi-Seal Fecal Management System Benefits

  • It helps to manage odor associated with fecal incontinence
  • Designed to provide a more pleasant environment for both patients and their caregivers
  • The specialized charcoal filter keeps air flowing, providing exceptional deodorization and reducing ballooning
  • Collection bags made of PVC are inferior at blocking gas transmission
  • Unique cuff-finger pocket for easy insertion
  • The soft, flexible silicone catheter can collapse to an 8mm diameter to ease insertion and removal

Parts Description of Flexi-Seal Bowel Management System

  1. The SIGNAL indicator provides a visual indication to help prevent overfilling, which helps indicate optimal fill.
  2. Soft retention balloon with the catheter.
  3. Patented blue finger pocket for ease of insertion.
  4. Charcoal-filtered vented bag.
  5. The sampling port provides access to the catheter for safe and easy stool collection.
  6. Medication delivery via irrigation port.
Parts of Flexi-Seal Bowel Management System

When to use Fecal Management System?

For use to manage fecal incontinence by collecting liquid to semi-liquid stool and providing access to administer medications.


  • Flexiseal tube signal fecal management system is not intended for use for more than 29 consecutive days and pediatric patients (patients under 18 years of age) as its use has not been tested in this population.
  • The Flexi-Seal PROTECT Fecal Management System should not be used on individuals who have suspected or confirmed rectal mucosal impairment, have had rectal surgery within the last year, have any rectal or anal injury, or have had an allergic reaction to any component within the system.

General Guidelines

  • The device may be changed as needed to perform a normal patient assessment.
  • The device is not intended for use for more than 29 consecutive days.
  • If the product packaging is damaged, do not use it.

How does the Flexi-Seal Signal system work?

The system features a soft silicone catheter that is inserted into the rectum to divert and contain fecal matter. The integrated indicator balloon signals when the catheter needs to be replaced, enhancing patient care and hygiene.

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How to insert Flexi-Seal Rectal Tube?

1. Remove any indwelling or anal device prior to insertion of Flexi-Seal™ SIGNAL™ FMS device. Unfold the length of the catheter to lay flat on the bed, extending the collection bag towards the foot of the bed. Insert a lubricated, gloved index finger into the blue retention balloon cuff finger pocket. Coat the balloon end of the catheter with lubricating jelly
inserting Flexi-Seal Rectal Tube
2. Gently insert the balloon through the anal sphincter until it is beyond the external orifice and inside the rectal vault. The finger may be removed or remain in the rectum during balloon inflation.
inserting Flexi-Seal Rectal balloon
3. Inflate the balloon with water or saline by slowly depressing the syringe plunger. Never inflate the balloon with more than 45ml!
Inflating Flexi-Seal Rectal balloon
4. Once the balloon has reached the optimal fill level (up to 45ml), the indicator bubble on the inflation port will pop. The signal indicator could pop before the 45 ml has been inflated if the space available for the balloon is smaller than the balloon. The filling should stop when the indicator pops out and stays out. The indicator bubble will remain popped while the balloon is at its optimal level.
Indicator Flexi-Seal Rectal Bubble

5. The balloon is underfilled if the indicator bubble does not pop. Withdraw the liquid and re-fill the balloon as described. If the indicator bubble pops or expands significantly at less than 30ml, withdraw the liquid and reposition the balloon in the rectal vault. After repositioning, re-fill the balloon as described. Should the indicator bubble deflate or appear excessively inflated, the retention balloon is no longer at the optimal level. Withdraw the fluid and re-fill the balloon as described.
6. Remove the syringe from the inflation port. Gently pull on the silicone catheter to check that the balloon is securely positioned in the rectum against the rectal floor. Take note of the position indicator line relative to the patient’s anus. Observe changes in the position indicator line's location to determine the retention balloon's movement in the patient’s rectum. This may indicate the need for the balloon or device to be re-positioned.
7. Position the length of the silicone catheter along the patient’s leg. Make sure to avoid kinks and obstructions.
8. Hang the collection bag by the beaded strap on the bedside. Make sure to position the collection bag at a level lower than that of the patient, ensuring an unobstructed flow.

Flexi-Seal Signal FMS User Guides

Frequently Asked Questions

Can patients move around while using the system?

Yes, the Flexi-Seal Signal system is designed to allow reasonable mobility while securely managing fecal incontinence.

How often does the catheter need to be replaced?

The integrated indicator balloon will signal when it's time for a catheter change, usually after 7 days. Replacement frequency can vary depending on individual patient needs.

Is the Flexi-Seal Signal system safe to use?

Yes, the system is designed with safety in mind. The soft silicone catheter reduces the risk of damage to the rectal tissue, and the indicator balloon helps prevent over-inflation.

Who can use the ConvaTec Flexi Seal Signal Fecal Management System?

The Flexi-Seal Signal Fecal Management System can be used by people of all ages who have fecal incontinence. It is especially helpful for people who have difficulty controlling their bowel movements due to medical conditions such as spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, or stroke.

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