Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit
Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit

Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit


Denver Pleurx Drainage Kit provides all of the items the patient or caregiver needs for home drainage. The primary component is a unique evacuated plastic bottle with drainage line. The access tip on the drainage line opens the safety valve on the pleural catheter. Once the clamp on the drainage bottle is released, fluid is withdrawn from the pleural cavity into the bottle. Drainage is typically accomplished in 3 to 5 minutes.

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50-7500 With 500ml Vaccum Bottle Each $150.65 $89.99
50-0075 With 500ml Vaccum Bottle 4/Pack $700.65 $345.99
50-7500 With 500ml Vaccum Bottle 10/Case $1119.99 $751.99
50-7510 With 1000ml Vaccum Bottle Each $159.99 $99.99
50-0071 With 1000ml Vaccum Bottle 4/Pack $700.65 $369.99
50-7510 With 1000ml Vaccum Bottle 10/Case $1139.99 $769.99


More Information

  • Contraindications:
    - When there is a shift greater than 2 cm in the mediastinum towards the ipsilateral side of the effusion
    - When the pleural cavity is multi-loculated, and the drainage of a single loculation would not be expected to provide relief of dyspnea
    - When there is a coagulopathy
    - When the pleural cavity is infected
    - When the effusion is known to be chylous
  • Draining Instructions:
    Getting Started:
    - Open all packaging and unfold blue wrapping
    - Place bottle near wrapping and lay access tip on blue wrapping
    - Tear open alcohol pads
    - Lay open pouches on blue wrapping a short distance from sterile items
    - Pick up each glove by the wrist and put both of them on
    - Open pouch containing valve cap and let it fall onto sterile blue wrapping
    Connecting the Drainage Bottle:
    - Squeeze clamp on drainage line completely closed and remove cover from access tip
    - Take valve cap off catheter
    - Clean around valve opening with first alcohol pad
    - Insert access tip into catheter valve
  • Warnings:
    Do not drain more than 1000 ml of fluid from your chest or 2000 ml of fluid from your abdomen at any one time
    - It is normal to feel some discomfort or pain when draining fluid
    - If discomfort or pain is experienced when draining, clamp the drainage line to slow or stop the flow of fluid for a few minutes
    - If you do not feel better after doing this or the pain is severe, contact your doctor or nurse
    - Pain may be an indication of infection
    - Keep the valve on the PleurX Catheter and the access tip on the drainage line clean
    - Keep them away from other objects to help avoid contamination
    - Do not use scissors or other sharp objects near the PleurX Catheter
    - Do not put anything except the access tip of the drainage line into the PleurX Catheter valve since this could damage the valve
    - A damaged valve may allow air into your body or let fluid leak out through the valve when you are not draining
  • Cautions:
    For single use only
    - Re-use may result in a non-functional product or contribute to cross contamination
    - Fluid collected in the drainage bottle is not sterile
    - To ensure that fluid collected in the bottle does not flow back into the catheter, close the pinch clamp on the drainage line when you are finished draining
    - Do not invert the bottle and hold it above your catheter site
    - The pinch clamp on the drainage line must be completely closed when not draining or the vacuum in the bottle may be lost
    - Make sure that the valve and the access tip are securely connected when draining
    - If they are accidentally separated, they may become contaminated and the vacuum in the bottle may be lost
    - If this occurs, clean the valve with an alcohol pad and use a new drainage bottle to avoid potential contamination

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