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Hand hygiene helps healthcare professionals in preventing infections. Non-compliance to hand hygiene can lead to hospital related infections. All patients are at a risk of getting these infections. Even healthcare providers are at risk of hospital borne infections. Preventing the spread of infections is most important in facilities like healthcare centers and hospitals. Hand Hygiene is proven to be the most effective tool in prevention of such infections. Choose from a range of infection control products including soaps, hand sanitizers and other hand cleaners for home and hospital use at best prices on HPFY!

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How do Infectious Entities Spread in Hospitals?

Patient care activities are said to transmit bacteria to healthcare workers with contact. Activities like wound care, IV catheter care, handling patient secretions, respiratory care count among the leading causes. Other non-invasive procedures like taking pulse, blood pressure or temperature by contacting the patient can also cause infectious bacteria and viruses to be transmitted to the hands of healthcare providers. Five important hygiene moments that WHO has outlined include: 

  • Before patient contact 

  • Before aseptic task 

  • After bodily fluid exposure 

  • After patient contact 

  • After contact with patient surroundings 

Thoroughly washing hands with soap and water after patient contact is a great way to prevent the spread of infections from patient to patient. Most hospitals follow strictly written hygiene policies for their employees. 

Alcohol based sanitizers are capable of killing most germs that can affect your health. It is a preferred way of hand cleansing in healthcare facilities. They do not dry the hands like normal soap and water. Cleaning wipes containing sanitizing properties can also be used after noninvasive patient contact. The traditional soap and water is the most effective technique of all and eliminates almost all kinds of infection causing elements. Try the , 3M Avagard D Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizer, or the Medline Foaming Manual Push Dispenser and many more for effective hand hygiene in hospitals or at home at best prices on HPFY!