Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes fatigue and musculoskeletal pain accompanied by mood swings. It affects the way brain processes pain signals by amplifying pain sensations i.e the brain over reacts to the pain signals. The symptoms of fibromyalgia occur gradually with time and not triggered by a single event. These symptoms may occur after a physical trauma, infectious disease, stress or surgical procedures. Women are more likely to be affected by fibromyalgia than men. In many cases patients also experience chronic headaches, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, IBD, depression or anxiety. Choose from an array of products that help in relieving pain and reducing fatigue from top manufacturers like Bodysport, Stressstop, Battle Creek and many more at attractive discounts on HPFY!

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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

  • Widespread pain: Not all pains are related to fibromyalgia. It is characterized by a constant dull ache for more than three months. This pain occur in the whole body in both upper and lower body above and below the waist.  

  • Fatigue: Patients with fibromyalgia wake up in pain in the morning. Mostly they complain that sleep is broken due to pain. A feeling of tiredness is a common symptom. Other sleep disorders like restless legs and sleep apnea may also accompany fibromyalgia.   

  • Cognitive difficulties: People with fibromyalgia often experience difficulties in concentrating on mental tasks. This disorder is often known as the fibro fog.  

Fibromyalgia is often accompanied by

  • Irritable bowel syndrome  

  • Migraine headaches or other types of headaches   

  • Painful bladder syndrome (Interstitial cystitis)  

  • Temporomandibular joint disorders


The constant pain that fibromyalgia causes often interferes with the ability to concentrate at school or at work. This condition is often misunderstood and may also result in stress and anxiety. Lack of sleep and fatigue may cause the body to lose strength over time and may also interfere with daily tasks.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

The treatment of fibromyalgia may include exercise, relaxation and stress-reduction and medications to reduce the symptoms. OTC pain medications can help in reducing the pain. Massage therapy can prove to be helpful in pain reduction and muscle relaxation. Try the Accuforce Massage Star for body massaging and pain relief. A little compression may help in relieving pain. 3pp Carpal Lift NP Wrist Splint helps to get rid of the hand pain. Hot and cold therapy can also be helpful in providing relief. Try the Acu-Life Therapod Thermal Relief Moist Heat and Cold Therapy Pad or Battle Creek Good2GO Microwave Moist Heat Therapy Pad for soothing the aching muscles. Topical pain relievers like ARI Medical Flexall 454 Maximum Strength Pain Relieving Gel may also help. Aromatherapy essential oils like Amrita Aromatherapy Angelica Root Essential Oil help in relaxation and pain relief.