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What is an External Catheter?

An external catheter is a non-invasive catheter placed outside the human body. These are of two primary types - condom catheters and female urethral inserts. These catheters are urinary sheaths designed to treat short-term male incontinence, shaped like a condom that easily rolls over a man’s penis and is connected via tubing to a collecting bag to collect the urine. At HPFY, we carry a whole variety of external catheters for males. Our range includes all-silicone self-adhering catheters, external catheters with straps, external catheters for men with short sheath lengths, external male catheters with a watertight adhesive seal, reusable condom catheters, and much more. You can choose from latex and non-latex types and base your selection on properties like hypoallergenic and non-sterile.

How does External Catheter for Men work?

  1. An external catheter is slipped onto a male user’s penis and secured using medical adhesive or an inflatable retention ring. Urine from the bladder flows out through the urethra, sheath, and into the attached leg urinary bag or bedside drainage bag.
  2. External condom catheter systems are non-invasive and hence easy to use. Men prefer them with incontinence over intermittent catheters or indwelling catheters. Since the catheter is not inserted, urinary tract infections have fewer chances and reduced trauma.
  3. Condom cath for men is available in several types and sizes. Generally, the usage period is 12-48 hours, and most of these are disposable urinary sheaths. A pop-on male catheter is useful due to its clear sheath for easy inspection of the skin and monitoring skin health.
  4. The male incontinence sheath is usually connected to a urine bag strapped to the leg, or an overnight urine bag hung by the bedside. But the Bioderm Liberty 3.0 external catheter has an integral collection chamber that can hold up to 8 fl. oz.
  5. Condom catheters may be self-adhering, such as UltraFlex Male External Catheter. They have an adhesive on the inner ring, while others have adhesive tapes to hold the catheter. An inflatable retention ring and foam straps are other options to secure the catheter. The Rochester wide band condom catheter has a 3-inch wide adhesive area 70% wider than traditional self-adhering catheters.

What are the benefits of a Condom Catheter?

Condom catheters have manifold benefits over internal catheters. These external catheters are -

Buying guide for a male condom catheter

Condom Catheter Sizes

Female External Condom Catheter - PureWick Female External Catheter

The PureWick Urinary Catheter is an innovative non-invasive urine management continence aid designed for the female anatomy. The BD PureWick uses a low-pressure suction design to pull the urine into a container. Continuous use of adult diapers and pads makes the skin prone to damage due to constant exposure to urine. However, the Purewick female urinary catheter alternatively wicks the urine away and keeps the skin dry and soft. The PureWick female catheter gives women a new and simple way to manage urinary incontinence. Interestingly, it looks like a banana, hence the name banana catheter.

Benefits of PureWick Catheter

  • Effective alternative to prolonged foley catheter use
  • Lowered CAUTI risk
  • Protects skin by wicking away urine
  • Unique non-invasive urine management in female
  • The designated collection canister keeps you from touching urine
  • Lessens urethral trauma
PureWick Female Catheter

Condom Catheter FAQ - What should you know?

1. What is a texas condom catheter?

A texas catheter is a special condom catheter that fits over the penis and is attached to a tube that collects urine.

2. When is a texas catheter used?

Texas Catheters are used when we cannot use an indwelling catheter. Texas Catheters are used externally, fit across the glans penis, and direct voided urine into a collecting device. As Texas Catheters are external, they greatly reduce the chances of urinary tract infections.

Indications to use Texas Urinary Catheter

Urocare External Catheter

3. How to remove an external catheter?

What type of catheter is used largely depends on the patient's skin sensitivity; the wear time of the catheter may also vary. The average wear time is between 12 to 72 hours and should be re-evaluated periodically to ensure successful use. The removal of the catheter is essential for the cleaning and inspection of the skin. It should be done every day unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise. Use a warm towel to remove the male condom urinary catheters with adhesive. 

4. How do I know what size condom catheter I need?

Measure around the shaft of the penis and divide that number by 3.14 (pie) to get the diameter. The condom catheters are sized in millimeters and are based on the diameter of your penis, not the circumference.

5. What is a male condom catheter used for?

An external condom catheter is a urinary catheter — a tube that allows the flow of urine — that users can wear outside the penis instead of inside the urethra, a natural tube inside the penis. It collects urine for people who have difficulty holding their urine or cannot walk to the bathroom.

6. How do you know what size external catheter to use?

All manufacturers of condom urine catheters have a measuring guide to help you select the proper size. With a condom catheter sizing guide, put the notch area just behind the glans and pick the size that most exactly fits. If you measure between two sizes, choose the bigger of the two.

7. When should I make an appointment with my doctor?

Consult a doctor if -

Where can I buy an External Condom Catheter Online?

HPFY offers a variety of external catheters. Our wide range includes condom catheters with straps, short sheath length, watertight adhesive seal, reusable, and much more. You can choose a one-piece male external urinary collection device in latex and non-latex types as well. Please browse through our wide collection and choose the design that best suits you.

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Frequently asked questions

External catheter systems also called condom catheters are used by men. This catheter fits over the penis and connects to a drainage bag. They are safer to use than internal catheters because it does not require a tube to be placed in the bladder.

External catheters are made from either latex rubber, polyvinyl, or silicone and are attached on the shaft of the penis by a double-sided adhesive, latex inflatable cuff, jockey's type strap, or foam strap. They are then joined to urine drainage bags by a tube.

External catheters are used for 24 to 48 hours and both disposable and reusable condom catheters are available.