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Evacuation and floor recovery section has a unique selection of specially-developed lift assist devices created to help in the emergency evacuation or recovery of those with impaired mobility. Lifting aids are aimed at helping the elderly, those who have disabilities or are less able-bodied and unable to move quickly without help. They also assist in the transfer of a person who may be a patient or bariatric from one place or spot to another in case of emergency evacuation. Assisted lifting devices and recovery products are looked upon as life-savers because of their role in a crisis situation.

Use of Evacuation and Floor Recovery Devices

Emergencies can be minor or severe. It could involve immediate and urgent evacuation in case of fire, terrorist attack, floods, earthquake accident or a chemical hazard. The situation could be life-endangering. Lifting an adult off the floor is not easy, particularly if the person is fragile or bariatric. A fall can create a distressing situation for both the victim and his caregiver.  

  • Evacuation and floor recovery with regard to the elderly, particularly when lifting the person off the floor, can be challenging for various reasons. Evacuation and floor recovery devices are particularly useful in helping a person who has fallen and cannot be lifted up even with the help of a caregiver. 

  • The designs are user friendly and some of them allow a caregiver or companion to easily carry out tasks without waiting for help when in an emergency situation.

Features of Floor Recovery Devices

  • It should be user friendly thus allowing a caregiver or companion in an emergency to easily carry out evacuation or recovery without waiting for help.  

  • It should be easy to manoeuvre through narrow aisles or cramped areas and even go down or up the stairs.

Emergency Lifting Cushion for Floor Recovery

  • A person who has fallen and cannot be lifted up even with the help of a caregiver can be given an easy lift-up with the specially-designed, elevating inflatable lifting cushions from Mangar USA. 

  • When placed under the person who has fallen in a deflated state, the Elk Emergency Lifting Cushion inflates at the touch of a button and provides him/her a smooth lift-up. It weighs just 8 lbs but can lift up to 980 lbs! This evacuation and floor recovery device is suitable as a bariatric lift assist device. 

  • The airline transfer chair from Columbia Medical is another example of evacuation equipment that allows for smooth transfer of a person into and out of an aircraft. It is ideal for use during an aviation emergency situation. An added advantage is that it can be folded up and stored away.

Patient Transfer Slide Sheets and Patient Movers

Patient movers from Mobility Transfer Systems and patient transfer slide sheets from Skil Care Corp are found to be efficient evacuation recovery instruments. Patient slide sheets utilizes two sheets – top and bottom – which work in tandem sliding over each other and creating a smooth movement and transfer. They have handles which allow the caregivers to get a firm grip for a smooth and safe transfer. They are designed to help slide, turn and position a patient without physical exertion. Patient movers have a slippery surface to prevent the patient from sticking to the polyethylene board as it bridges uneven gaps in an effortless and rhythmic movement.

How to Use Evacuation Chairs?

Evacuation chairs from Evac Chair make for ideal and safe stairway escape solution. During a fire in a multi-storey building or in the event of a terrorist attack, people need a quick getaway. But if they include the elderly, the pregnant or injured then moving quickly may be difficult. These evacuation chairs are designed for safe and smooth transfer down the stairs. Conveniently, Evac Chair makes chairs for both single handling and double-handling. Evac Chair rescue chairs are simple to set up, sturdy, lightweight and so can easily be carried around by an emergency rescue team. They have large, sturdy wheels which makes pushing down the stairs or moving over rough terrains a smooth process. Some chairs which are meant for rough and difficult access and evacuation are designed for two-person operation.