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Evac Chair 500H Evacuation Chair

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500 H Evacuation Chair

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$2,938.49 Each
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Evac Chair 500H Evacuation Chair is a two person operation enhanced chair with an increased passenger payload capacity of 500 lbs. It is for use on steep stairs up to 45 degrees. This chair can also be used as a single person operation chair for payloads up to 400lbs. 500H Evacuation Chair has dual position seating providing optimal comfort and safety for the patients.


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Evac Chair 500H Evacuation Chair


  • Photoluminescent Signage
  • Two additional handles
  • Wall Mounted Hooks
  • Dust Cover
  • User Guide
  • Instructional DVD

Product Highlights:

  • Tracked chair with unique self braking system
  • Easy to use
  • Retractable front grab handles
  • One/two person operation
  • Bariatric capability
  • Lightweight and simple to use
  • Dual position seating
  • Head, chest and thigh restraints
  • Locking rear wheels

Key Benefits:

  • Deployment: Tricky releases, and difficult belts and buckles impede safe and quick assembly and evacuation.
  • Weight of Unit: Weight is a major factor, particularly if the evacuation equipment needs to be carried to the passenger, or simply removed from its securing location. Since the Evac Chair requires only one operator, the chair must be light enough to be lifted by a single individual yet strong enough to support the average passenger. Evac Chair is only 19 pounds and has a carrying capacity of 500 pounds.
  • Ease of Transfer: It is designed for easy transfer. People of reduced mobility may require assistance, thus the evacuation chair is stable, low, open on both sides and provide passenger safety at all times by not moving during transfer.
  • Maneuverability: Building regulations require a 4-ft width of stairways, halls, and landings. Evac Chair is able to maneuver these areas with ease.
  • Speed and Control of Descent: Evac Chair can safely descend two flights of stairs in 15 seconds without blocking the stairs for other users by using the Polymatic v-belt as a friction breaking device. This system uses gravity and the leverage of the operator to create friction and stop the chair.
  • Stability: Evac Chair has an easy fold out two wheel trolley which allows for flat surface stability. Even with this stability, passengers should never be left unattended in any evacuation chair.
  • Restraints and Comfort: The seat pocket “cups” the body securely and the rider is strapped into the chair. The sliding head rest and padded back allow for passenger comfort.

More On 500H Evacuation Chair

Setting Up Evac Chair:

  • While standing behind the Evac Chair, hold it upright and rest one foot on top of the blue base frame crossbar to steady the chair
  • Using both hands, pull the handle upwards until the shoulder clips have clicked into place
  • Head restraint should not slide down the handle
  • While still standing behind the chair, undo the seat belt to release the skis
  • Pull these skis towards you to open the seat and push the seat part way downwards into position
  • Finally, pull up the seat frame against the ski to ensure it is in position

For Traveling Short Distances:

  • You must remain in position behind the Evac Chair using both uprights of the handle to hold it firmly
  • Place one foot on the front wheel axle or on the bottom bar as your occupant transfers into the Evac Chair seated position
  • Depending on the condition of the occupant further assistance may be required with the transfer
  • Seatbelt must now be fastened and the head restraint may be used to assist with airway management if required
  • From the transfer position, remove your foot from the front wheel axle until the Evac Chair move backward and the front wheel comes into contact with the ground
  • Evac Chair will now balance between the bar of the frame and the front wheels
  • From the balance position, tip the chair off further seven centimeters backward that is about three inches and you will be able to move forward in the two-wheel position
  • This is the position to use for traveling short distances such as when turning and crossing still landings during descent

For Use On Level Ground:

  • Evac Chair should be used in the four-wheel position like a wheelchair
  • To achieve the four-wheel position start from the vertical upright position, place one foot on the trolley assembly just over the yellow sticker and pull back sharply to unclip the trolley assembly
  • As you remove your foot, the trolley assembly will automatically open
  • You may then lower the chair gently onto its wheels

For Stairway Descent:

  • Close the trolley assembly in an appropriate area of safety by placing the Evac Chair in a vertically upright position with the bottom bar of the frame on the ground
  • Place your foot on the yellow sticker and push the trolley assembly forward until it clicks back into place
  • Tilt the chair back into the two-wheel position and move forward to approximately 30 centimeters from the top of the stairs
  • Positioned at the inside edge, with one foot in front of the other and slightly apart, tilt the chair a little further back and push confidently over the top of the stairs
  • At all times stay near the inside edge of the stairs and make certain the skis make contact with the top two stair nosings
  • Never let go of the Evac Chair
  • Pause briefly and reposition your hands by sliding them upwards from the vertical position at each side of the handle onto the handles horizontal top crossbar
  • When descending, press downwards in a vertical direction for a smooth safe ride and move forward at the same smooth pace as the back chair
  • There should be no bumping action


Particulars Dimensions
Height 41" (folded)
Width 24" (folded)
Depth 11" (folded)
Weight 24 lbs
Payload Capacity 500 lbs


Lifetime Warranty

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