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Hot Therapy, Cold therapy and combination therapy are used to treat muscle and joint aches and pains, pain from injuries etc. To carry out these therapies in a smooth and effective manner you might require some accessories. At HPFY we have a wide range of accessories including products specific to general use accessories that will make your hot or cold therapy session a pleasurable experience. We have with us non powered hot and cold pad that can be heated in a microwave or cooled in a refrigerator to provide the desired effect. It also can be used as a comfortable padding surface. Replacement batteries and adapters are also available for your convenience. Browse the entire range now!

More Hot and Cold Therapy Accessories Available

Hot and cold pack covers provide an extra layer of insulation to protect your skin from irritation or discomfort due to excess heat or cooling. We also have a range of polar dressings that provide a complete barrier between the skin and the cold therapy pad. These dressings are safe for use after post-operative procedures. Bags to hold the hot and cold therapy packs are also available. Cold sprays are used for cryotherapy that provides relief from pain and inflammation instantly.  

Also available are Eye and sinus hot-cold packs. Drying rack with hooks, handling tongs, ice bucket, water bath etc. are some other products that you might like to buy for your hot and cold therapy session. Buy high quality products from top manufacturers including Breg Incorporated, Polar Products, Chattanooga Group, Pain Management Technologies and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!