Atos Medical TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System
Atos Medical TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

Atos Medical TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

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Atos Medical TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is a clinically proven, anatomically correct system designed to restore mobility after trismus and mandibular hypomobility. The patient controlled and hand operated TheraBite System utilizes repetitive passive motion to stretch the jaw, joint and facial tissues. This stretch provides increased mobility, flexibility, function and reduction in swelling and pain. It has been studied and successfully tested in clinical trials of post-surgical and post-radiation trismus, trauma, TMJD, facial burns, stroke, orofacial pain and non-surgical TMJ conditions.

TheraBite Jaw Motion

  • Offers home rehabilitation program
  • Encourages continuity and compliance
  • Allows patient to reap the full beneficial value of motion wherever they are
  • Proves to be far more effective than exercises and tongue depressors

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TH001 Adult Each $28.00
TH002 Pediatric Each $28.00

TheraBite Jaw Motion


  • (1) Jaw mobilizer
  • (4) Bite pads
  • (1) Hand-aid
  • (30) Range of motion scale
  • (1) Carrying bag
  • (1) Instructions for use
  • (1) Patient progress log

Treatment objectives

  • Increases Range of Motion of Jaw
    - Stretches Connective Tissue: Fibrous scar tissue causes tightening of muscles and joints and requires stretching to re-align the collagen fibers within. Therabite Jaw Motion provides passive repetitive stretching to lengthen and reform these fibers in an anatomically correct fashion.
    - Strengthens Weakened Muscles: Muscles which have suffered from disuse atrophy require strengthening across the full range of motion. TheraBite Jaw Motion helps to increase muscle mass and endurance using a passive range of motion exercises.
    - Mobilizes Joints: Joints which have been immobilized can undergo degenerative changes in a matter of days. TheraBite system can safely mobilize the temporomandibular joint across its full range of motion via passive motion.
  • Pain Reduction
    - Reduces Joint Inflammation: Immobilized joints lead to thickening of the synovial fluid and thinning of cartilage. This stiffening of the joints ultimately leads to pain and inflammation. Exercising with the TheraBite system activates anti-inflammatory agents that promote joint lubrication and reduce inflammation and pain.
    - Reduces Muscle Pain: Muscle pain (myofascial pain) is mostly caused by inflammation which creates abnormal pressure on nerves, muscles, and bones. This inflammation process can be corrected by passive motion exercises. Rehabilitation with TheraBite Jaw Motion has been proven to reduce joint and muscle pain in as little as two weeks of therapy.
  • Increase Mouth Opening (maximal incisal opening or MIO)
We describe this as TheraBite Treatment Cycle - reversing the Vicious Cycle of Trismus.

TheraBite Treatment CycleVicious Cycle of Trismus

TheraBite Treatment Cycle

Vicious Cycle of Trismus


  • Range Setting Arm: Range Setting Arm position can be adjusted between 25-45 mm and helps to determine maximum opening appropriate to each stage of rehabilitation.
  • Bite Pads: The Bite Pads are self-adhesive and spread the force across the teeth. They can be trimmed or stacked for customized protection. The Bite Pads come in adult and pediatric versions.
  • Range of Motion Scales: The disposable Range of Motion Scales allow the patient and clinician to make jaw opening measurements and monitor progress.
  • Carrying Bag: The durable nylon Carrying Bag keeps the TheraBite Jaw system and accessories together.
  • Patient Progress Log: The daily and monthly Patient Progress Log enables the user and treating clinician to monitor progress.
  • Fine Adjustment Knob: The Fine Adjustment Knob is used to regulate opening speed and distance if needed.
  • Hand-Aid: The Hand-Aid assists the patient to maintain a constant opening during stretching or strengthening programs


  • Anatomically correct - A unique feature of TheraBite Jaw Motion is its ability to follow the natural curved motion of the jaw. The patented curved track of the TheraBite Jaw System guides the mandible along an anatomically correct pathway whilst stretching and strengthening the surrounding musculature
  • Patient controlled - When using the TheraBite system, the patient is in complete control. Speed and opening range can be directly adjusted by the patient, using manual force, or the Fine Adjustment Knob. It helps to reduce anxiety levels and improve compliance.
  • Portable - TheraBite Jaw Motion is lightweight and durable. It can be stored in the Carrying Bag provided for patients to continue their rehabilitation program wherever they go.
  • Load-bearing comfort - The mouthpieces attached to the Jaw Mobilizer are designed in such a way that the load-bearing forces of stretching spread across the teeth. Together with the Bite Pads, they promote a comfortable and even stretch while protecting the teeth of the patient.
  • Effective - Passive motion and stretching exercises with the TheraBite Jaw Motion are clinically proven to be an effective form of jaw therapy. It has been successfully used by thousands of patients suffering from more than 30 different conditions, ranging from post-radiation trismus to orofacial pain.


  • Maximizes jaw range-of-motion
  • Prevents stiffness and scar tissue
  • Nourishes joint tissues
  • Reduces joint pain and inflammation
  • Speeds up recovery
  • Improves jaw function
  • Develops jaw muscle strength
  • Proven to be significantly less costly than the other alternatives as there is no need to fabricate the castings of the teeth of an individual
  • As the device is used at home by patients, there is less need for clinical intervention
  • Since it is hand-operated, it avoids the cost and complexity of continuous passive motion (CPM) devices
  • Enables home rehabilitation, which is essential to realize the full beneficial effects of motion
  • Early detection and intervention with TheraBite Jaw Motion can help patients counter this debilitating condition and prevent costly complications which may compromise their quality of life and health


Arthritis, Arthroscopy, Arthro-fibrosis, Disuse Atrophy, Joint Replacement, Facial Muscle Disorders, Meniscectomy, Radiation Therapy, Reconstructive Surgery, TMJ/TMD, Trauma, Trismus.

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More About TheraBite Jaw Motion


Mandible or Maxilla bone fracture (upper and lower jaw); and other bone weaknesses, bone infections, osteomyelitis, and osteocradionecrosis of the jaw.


If a sharp pain is experienced while using the device, stop using it immediately. If the pain persists or recurs, contact the doctor.

Identifying Trismus

The 3 Finger Test: A quick and easy way to identify a possible case of Trismus is to place three fingers, stacked, between upper and lower teeth, or dentures. If the mouth can open wide enough to accommodate them comfortably, then Trismus is unlikely to be a problem. If not, this may indicate Trismus or its development that should be further investigated by a clinician.Finger Test
Range of Motion Scales: The result of the 3 Finger Test can be easily confirmed by measuring Maximal Incisal Opening (MIO) with the use of the TheraBite range of motion scale. This simple scale is placed between the central incisors, enabling the mouth opening to be officially measured. Anything below the mid 30 range (mm) may indicate Trismus. Once confirmed by a clinician, a treatment pathway can be tailored to the individual needs.

Who is affected?
Trismus can affect people of all ages. The condition is attributed to muscle fibrosis, joint damage or scarring, which in turn may be caused by the following:
  • Head and neck radiation therapy
  • Temperomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction
  • Surgery
  • Systemic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or scleroderma
  • Direct trauma
  • Indirect trauma such as whiplash
  • Clenching and grinding of the teeth
  • Stress-induced disorders
  • Burns
  • Stroke
  • Aging

Trismus can cause difficulty in:

TheraBite Jaw Motion Treatment

Prior to using the Therabite system, each patient should consult a clinician, who will prescribe an individualized program of exercise tailored to the unique needs and abilities of the patient. A commonly used treatment program is 7-7-7: 7 stretches performed 7 times per day, each stretch held for 7 seconds. In total, this is an investment of fewer than ten minutes a day. Individuals who suffer from muscle and/or joint pain may benefit from longer stretch exercises. An example of a treatment program with longer stretches is 5-5-30: 5 stretches performed 5 times per day or more, each stretch held for 30 seconds. Regular monitoring, review and evaluation by a properly trained clinician are essential for all treatment programs. Depending on the patient condition and the judgment of clinician, the type of program required may be modified over time. Jaw rehabilitation exercise is effective when it takes place every day on a continual basis.

Expected Treatment outcomes

The average sustainable gain in jaw opening is around 1–1.5 mm per week. A typical patient will gain from 1-4 mm of jaw opening ability in the first session; however, this gain is likely to be lost within the next few hours. Only by continuing to stretch and mobilize the jaw for several sessions per day can any lasting benefit be achieved. Increased pain during the exercises should be avoided; as it can result in muscle guarding that may impair the effectiveness of the therapy and reduce compliance. Thus, to achieve 10 mm of sustainable gain, a patient may need to exercise for six to ten weeks. The number of daily exercise sessions with the TheraBite Jaw Motion typically decreases over time. Ultimately, many patients are usually able to maintain the gain they have achieved by using the device just once or twice a day.

7-7-7 Protocol

7 seconds followed by a 7 second pause 7 stretches 7 times per day

777 Protocol

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Can I buy replacement mouthpieces.?
Melanie - 2/16/2018 9:17:42 PM
question image
In what way can I make the Bite Pads stick better?
Mercy - 2/4/2017 5:35:09 AM
answer image
Make sure that the mouthpiece surface is completely dry before applying the Bite Pads. As pressure and warmth increase the adhesion of Bite Pads, you can use your thumb to press and massage the Bite Pads when they are correctly positioned on the mouthpieces. Another tip is to leave the Bite Pads on the mouthpieces overnight before starting to use the device. The longer the Bite Pads stay on before use, the greater is their adhesion strength.
Customer Care - 2/5/2017 11:00:28 PM
question image
Is TheraBite system more effective than conventional therapies?
Freida - 2/4/2017 5:30:44 AM
answer image
While most of the conventional therapies rely on stretching to increase jaw mobility, the TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System focuses not only on stretching in comfortable and anatomically correct manner, but also on passive motion to strengthen muscle and mobilize joints.
Customer Care - 2/5/2017 10:59:37 PM
question image
Can I purchase one for use in my clinic with multiple patients? Can the plates be sterilized for re-use?
Dana - 6/29/2016 1:53:25 PM
answer image
Thank you for contacting customer care service.
It is designed for single patient use only.
Customer Care - 6/30/2016 5:40:46 AM
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