Circulatory Cooling Vests

Circulatory Cooling Vests are a self-contained personal cooling solution that does not rely on evaporation for cooling. They use NASA-developed space-age technology to cool the body. Ice-chilled water is circulated through a network of tubing sewn inside the garment to create a cool micro climate around the upper body of the user. They effectively cool and remove heat from the body by pumping cool water through the vest. Circulatory vests fit sungly under shirts, t-shirts, or jackets for maximum cooling and mobility. At Health Products For You, we offer a wide range of circulatory cooling vests from top-selling manufacturers such as Polar, Techniche @ attractive prices!

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Who Might Benefit from Circulatory Cooling Vests?

Circulatory cooling vests are worn around the upper body to provide long-term relief from heat stress. They are beneficial for people who work or play in a hot environment and need unencumbered cooling garments. They are also helpful to the following people -

  • Athletes of all types 

  • Tropical tourists and outdoor adventurers 

  • Motorcycle riders who wear leather jackets 

  • Coal miners, welders, and foundry workers 

  • Construction and event workers 

  • Bicycle riders