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Taping and Strapping for Sports Injuries

Taping and Strapping for Sports Injuries
Kevin Cleary

Getting back into whatever sport you enjoy after injury requires a combination of rest and therapy to overcome your ailment. Trainers and athletes understand that fully recovering from any sports injury minimizes the risk of re-injury upon return to action. After activities have resumed, supporting the injured area with sports tapes and strapping can help prevent reinjury. Taping and strapping can provide compression to injured ligaments/tendons and joints as well as limiting any dangerous stretching of the previously injured areas. Your therapist/trainer can give you a guide to strapping and taping that can get you back in the game faster.

Benefits of Taping and Strapping

Sports injuries often occur in areas that involve joints and ligaments. Many of these injuries are sprains which are small tears in the ligaments in and around the area of our joints such as our ankles, knees, and even elbows and wrists. While these may be the most common, there are often other areas that can benefit from taping and strapping. Besides supporting injured joints, the use of Kinesio tape can help athletes recover quicker from sports injuries. The theory behind Kinesio tape is that when applied to the skin it slightly pulls the epidermis away from the muscle, therefore creating space between the two. It’s in this space that a greater lymph flow is created allowing for more lymph drainage which allows the body to remove hindrances to the healing process. This Kinesio tape can also help deeper muscle tissue by also increasing space around the muscle to increase muscle performance and decreasing fatigue while improving range of motion. Sports injury tape strapping not only can help recover from an injury, but it can improve performance during training and sports activities.

Some Common Taping and Strapping Products

Your specific type of sports injury may dictate what type of taping or strapping that may be right for you. You should always consult your doctor or trainer to determine what course of action is appropriate for your individual injury. Since every injury is different and may affect different body parts there are several options available to athletes and trainers alike. These include:

Perma-Type Pink Tape

1. KT Kinesiology Therapeutic Cotton Tape

Many of our athletic endeavors often occur during inclement weather, so it is crucial to find a tape that will hold up to water while doing its job. KT Kinesiology Therapeutic Cotton Tape is an elastic cotton-based therapeutic tape that provides firm support for muscles, joints, and tendons while allowing comfort and freedom of motion. It's designed to survive up to 3-5 days in the hardest conditions, including several runs, daily showers, humidity, cold, and even a swimming pool. It has a proprietary second-skin adhesive that lasts longer than most Kinesiology tapes on the market.

KT Tape Pro Team USA Red Olympic Elastic Sports Tape

2. KT Tape Pro Team USA Red Olympic Elastic Sports Tape

This 100% synthetic kinesiology tape utilizes a stronger adhesive that is comfortable and durable enough to last for seven days. This includes seven days of showers, multiple exercise sessions, and even dips in the pool. It’s made from fibers that are naturally antimicrobial, therefore avoiding a nasty smell after repeatedly working out. KT Sports Tape comes in 10 inch, precut strips and a hard plastic carrying case for the gym bag to keep everything in order. The elastic core provides better support for muscles and joints without restricting any range of motion all while showing your support for the USA Olympians.

KT Tape Pro Breast Cancer Awareness Elastic Sports Tape

3. KT Tape Pro Breast Cancer Awareness Elastic Sports Tape

The patented Secondskin Adhesive is designed to outperform other sports tapes. Its durability can last up to seven days while providing the proper elastic support for muscles and joints. Precut and ready to apply straight out of the box, this kinesiology tape will support you during your workouts while supporting those who are battling the scourge of breast cancer. KT Pro Elastic Tape comes with a quick guide that shows step-by-step instructions for common sports injuries.

BSN Tensoplast Beige Elastic Adhesive Bandage

4. BSN Tensoplast Beige Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Suitable for medium support or compression, this sports strapping tape has superior stretch and a firm control of compression while supporting any injured area or joint. BSN Elastic Adhesive Bandage is coated with a zinc oxide adhesive and a high-quality substrate that allows for flexible, yet strong support and compression. This zinc oxide adhesive keeps the bandage in place firmly even during extensive therapy sessions. The yellow line on the center of the bandage allows for accurate overlapping during the sports strapping process.

Armedica Maple Hardwood Taping Table

5. Armedica Maple Hardwood Taping Table

The elegance of this practical treatment table is in its simplicity. For sports taping or strapping, Armedica Taping Table allows the therapist/trainer to work efficiently and safely while keeping the athlete safe and secure. The 3-inch maple hardwood legs provide stability and strength while adding to the aesthetic quality of this full-sized table. The radiused, seamless corners of the upholstery is not only attractive but provides antibacterial protection. With a 2 inch foam top and a 500 pound capacity, an assembly is simple and the table measures 36 inches tall by a 24” x 48” upholstered top.

Bailey Fully Enclosed Taping Table

6. Bailey Fully Enclosed Taping Table

Not only is this table perfect for taping or strapping, Bailey Taping Table provides therapist and trainers alike the ability to store supplies needed for any therapy or training session. It has built-in shelves and cabinets in order to store tape or scissors that are commonly used during sports taping or strapping. Having all your supplies within reach makes taping or strapping athletes quicker and easier. Since the doors open on each side it can be placed just about anywhere in a treatment room and its compact size can be perfect for smaller rooms.


Recovering from sports injuries takes time and it would be a shame if upon a return to action we re-injured the area or worse injured it more. Taping and strapping can help support any injured area and even facilitate a faster return to action. Sports taping and strapping can even help athletes perform better and avoid injury. Athletes and trainers/therapists have plenty of options available to get us back out competing as soon as possible.


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