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Bladder control products are designed to treat and enhance the muscles that control the functioning of the bladder. Bladder muscles are the main gateway that controls the contraction and relaxation of the bladder, thus allowing urine to pass through easily. When the bladder muscles become weak or are injured, they cannot control the flow of urine thus causing incontinence. Though they can be treated and controlled, they do cause a lot of inconvenience due to involuntary discharge of urine at random times. Bladder control products help in preventing such situations by training and treating the muscles so that the individual is in full control of the muscles.

Symptoms of Bladder Control Problems

There are several symptoms of bladder control problems that can be easily visible or detectable thus allowing you to get help in time.
  • Leakage of urine during physical work that stresses the bladder muscles, for example, lifting, exercising, bending, sitting, etc.
  • Sudden release of urine without any physical sign
  • Bedwetting
  • Sudden urges of urination

Causes of Bladder Control Problems

Though there is no exact cause of bladder control problems, a number of different factors can come together to result in bladder control conditions:
  • Pregnancy or childbirth
  • Menopause
  • Injury or trauma to the pelvis
  • Pelvic organ prolapsed
  • Complications during surgery
  • Ageing
  • Constipation
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic coughing

Treatment of Bladder Control Problems

There are several ways one can treat bladder control problems which includes rehabilitation techniques and using bladder control products. Rehabilitation techniques are for overall health of bladder muscles but they are not proven to completely treat the muscles. Using bladder control products with rehab and exercise techniques will give you a greater chance of treating bladder control muscles.

Home Remedies to Treat Bladder Control Problems

  • Stay Physically Active – Regular exercises have been successfully proven to improve overall body health which includes enhancing the strength of muscles. Regular activity can help maintain the health of bladder muscles.
  • Maintaining Weight – Excessive weight can increase strain and stress on bladder muscles thus making them weak and more susceptible to bladder control issues. Check your BMI on a monthly basis to make sure you control your weight and reduce stress on bladder muscles.
  • Avoid Constipation – Constipation increases the stress on bladder muscles and can drastically affect the health of the urinary tract. Having enough fibers can help you avoid constipation.
  • Stop Smoking – Smoking is also proven to be the cause of most bladder cancer cases. Since smoking can result in chronic or long lasting coughing it is a major cause of bladder control problems.
  • Drink Appropriate Amount Of Liquids – Different liquids can result in excessive or lesser production of urine. Thus one should consult their doctor while consuming liquids. One should also take into consideration when a liquid has to be consumed and in what quantities.

Bladder Control Products

Bladder control products from InControl Medical are designed to be efficient devices that help in training and enhancing the health of bladder muscles. The ApexM Pelvic Floor Muscle Stimulator and Attain Incontinence Control Device are the two main bladder control products that can efficient help in maintaining the health of bladder muscles, train them, and increase their strength.

Benefits of Bladder Control Products
  • Non-surgical solution to stop leakage naturally
  • Gentle muscle stimulation and an inflatable probe
  • Treat all kinds of incontinence problems in women
  • Simple to use in comfort of home
  • Strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and calms the spasms
  • Easy usage and complete protection & safety

Where to Buy Bladder Control Products Online?

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