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Zinc oxide tape is used basically for treating sports injuries, preventing overuse injuries, cuts or scrapes during sports. It is made up of non-stretchable cotton material that comes with a zinc oxide adhesive. Zinc oxide tape is also used on minor cuts and scrapes to recover faster. Zinc oxide tapes can be worn for a long period of time. The adhesive is skin friendly and it can be easily torn just with your hands which makes it even more easy to use. It is mostly used for management of soft tissue injuries.

How to use Zinc Oxide Tapes?

Zinc oxide tape is also helpful in strapping joints like shoulders, knee, ankle or wrist to prevent injuries while playing sports. It is also used to support the muscles around previously injured joints. Zinc oxide tape restricts motion and creates a protective layer over the injured joint during the activity. It provides the same immobilization as a brace with an added advantage that it is very light in weight not as bulky as a brace. This is the reason why it is preferred by most athletes and sports professionals. Zinc oxide tape also offers targeted support to tendons and ligaments around a joint. It helps in faster recovery without restricting activity totally. Overstretched muscles can also be supported using zinc oxide tape. Another application of zinc oxide tape is as a secondary dressing for securing protective pads or dressings in place. Zinc oxide tape is not affected by humid conditions. It is used as a first aid measure in sports training centers and fitness institutes.

Where to buy Zinc Oxide Tapes?

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