Urology Tables

Urology tables are utilized to assist medical personnel during urology procedures in hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. They are able to put a patient into the Trendelenburg position as well as adjust the height of the table for easier access to the patient. Urology tables can also be used to perform lithotripsy procedures.
A three motion urology table is a sturdy and large urology table which gives medical professionals three powered motions. These motions are Trendelenburg tilt, height adjustment, and longitudinal travel, all delivered by multi-function foot and hand controls. It has a durable carbon fiber table top with a long metal free imaging surface, making it reliable and functional for x-ray procedures.
A four motion urology table is a large and sturdy adjustable height urology table and is capable of accommodating up to 500 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Its carbon fiber table top, which is moisture resistant, is long, radiolucent, and metal free for functional x-ray procedures.
A four motion lithotripsy urology table can be used as both a urology table and a lithotripsy table. The easy to use extension system is made to allow procedures to be performed over the table, under the table, and on the left or right side of the table.
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