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What is an Upper-Body Ergometer?

The upper body ergometer (UBE), or arm ergometer, as it is more commonly known, is a piece of exercise equipment that looks like a bicycle that is pedaled with the arms. It is normally used to improve upper extremity strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, and balance. These are designed to improve upper body strength, especially the deltoids (shoulders) and triceps (rear arms). The UBE is suitable for any age group and performance level. They are widely used in hospitals, gyms, and rehab centers. Most physical therapists and occupational therapists use upper body ergometers for various upper extremity injuries during rehabilitation. They act as cross-training tools for both strength and cardio. UBE is also recommended for cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. It helps improve cardiac endurance and pulmonary function to perform normal activities again in less time.

Most importantly, it is a useful tool for people with disabilities. Since UBE mainly targets the upper body, it can be used by people with limited mobility. It is an excellent tool for those looking to build cardiovascular strength with weaker lower body strength or injuries in the lower body. Some are adjustable with the wheelchair-accessible platform, which offers active, independent resistance on the upper and lower cycles. An electronic monitor keeps track of desired goals by measuring the user's distance, time, speed, calories, and pulse.

Portable Upper Body Ergometer is used for

At Health Products For You, we offer ergometers for upper body strengthening and conditioning and cardiovascular workouts. Choose from a range of Ergometers available for orthopedic rehabilitation, cardiac, sports medicine, wellness, or general rehabilitation. Our catalog includes a huge collection of upper body ergometers like Spirit CE850 Elliptical Trainer, Therapytrainer Therapy Cycle, and many more.

What is the benefit of using an Arm Bike?

1. Warm-Up

The upper body ergometer serves as a great warm-up tool for strength and resistance training programs. It offers better activation of the upper body muscles than any other traditional bike. If the user uses it in a standing position, the torso, arm, and leg muscles are engaged for a better warm-up.

2. Burn Calories

Regular exercising on UBE burns calories and promotes weight loss. It comes with a display monitor so that one can calculate their calories burned during the exercise routine. It targets small muscles of the upper body and effectively burns calories, and boosts heart rate. Some machines provide cycling for both the arms and the legs for a total body workout.

3. Full Body Workout

Though the results are not immediately visible, the upper body ergometer does provide a full-body workout. Although it looks like only the arms are moving, it integrate the whole body. The user uses their legs to keep the core strengthened, while the torso stabilizes the upper body, chest, shoulders, back, arms for the pedaling motion.

4. Provides Cardiovascular Fitness

Normally cardio workouts involve the large muscles of the legs to strengthen the heart and respiratory system, burn calories and build stamina. If the user has lower extremity injury, disability, or is confined to a wheelchair. An upper body ergometer is extremely helpful in improving cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength of the upper body. It enhances the lung's ability to provide oxygen to the blood and enables the heart to pump harder. It is found that it is as effective as a traditional treadmill in measuring physical fitness. The good news is that people who use wheelchairs can still evaluate their physical fitness levels.

5. Rehabilitation

UBE is low impact and greatly beneficial for the rehabilitation of upper-body injuries. It gives flexibility for both seated and standing exercise as well as provides wheelchair access. The unique design of the ergometer offers a balanced and stable workout, supports the joint structures, and assists in a quicker recovery. The UBE is popular among athletes, sports trainers, medical professionals, and health-conscious individuals.

Where can I buy Upper Body Ergometers online?

HPFY offers a wide range of upper body ergometers for people with limited mobility or those looking for a cardiovascular workout for their upper body. These products are from well-known manufacturers like Therapy Trainer, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Spirit Fitness, and many more. Now incorporate a cardio workout into your exercise routine without much hassle. So, what are you waiting for? Buy An arm bike from HPFY and pump up your muscles without troubling your pocket much.

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