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What Are Tilt Tables?

Tilt Tables support a patient from a horizontal plane (flat bed-like position). From the horizontal position, a manual crank or electric motor is then activated to slowly initiate the process of transitioning the table from a horizontal plane toward an increasingly vertical standing position, while the patient is properly secured to the table with safety positioning straps. The tilt table relies upon the use of gravity to do it's work. When standing occurs, even from within a partial vertical plane position, our muscles are elongated and physiological respiration and endurance can be improved upon.

How does Tilt Table Works?

  • Tilt Table provides an add-on feature of vertically raising and lowering the entire table from the horizontal starting position, which is useful for transfers and for preparing the patient for treatment. 
  • With pneumatic hand controls or foot controls, the therapist may adjust both the vertical height and the angle of tilt accordingly during the procedure, facilitating a smooth and efficient treatment session without physical strain to the healthcare professional. 
  • The upholstery is designed to be easy to clean and hygienic. 
  • Locking casters prevent any migration of the table during a procedure. Electric tables are designed to operate efficiently with quiet motors. 
  • Additional features are described on each individual table.

Features Of Tilt Table

  • Tilt Tables feature a footplate to support the patient’s weight and offer positioning for the feet while standing in a tilted position. 
  • Some Tilt Tables are designed to tilt a few degrees below horizontal, while others go from a 90 degree angle to a completely flat 180 degree horizontal position.  
  • Powered table versions with electric motors are available to make the process smoother and less taxing on the caregiver. 
  • Most electric motors offer a soft start-up and landing which may be less disturbing for the patient as compared to sudden stopping or bumping. 

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