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Why Choose Standard Table?

  • Standard Tables are designed with practitioners and their patients firmly in mind, static treatment tables help various healthcare professionals to more fully meet the diverse needs of their patients. 
  • Providing a comfortable, secure and steady surface, these multifunctional tables make it easier for doctors and therapists to perform an unlimited variety of the therapies and treatments individualized to the patient. 
  • Constructed of either a sturdy wood material or a powder-coated steel frame, static treatment tables are remarkably strong, durable and stable, with no casters or wheels that could potentially and unintentionally move the table.This allows the facility or practitioner to store frequently used materials in the included drawers and/or cabinets, providing convenient, additional storage in patient exam rooms where space is typically quite limited. Perfect for permanent locations, several static treatment table styles also fold down for space-saving requirements when they are not actively in use. 
  • Other options to reduce space include models that incorporate storage compartments into the table design. While static treatment tables come in a variety of heights, widths and lengths, most of them measure about 18 inches to 22 inches in height, about 24 inches in width and about 72 inches in length. Weight capacities can range from 300 pounds to 900 pounds, depending on the particular model.

Where to buy Standard Table?

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